Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Angels of Summer

Whew. Last Christmas quilt is done.

Not that I don't have other projects stacking up -- but at least my Christmas ones are done!

This one is named Angels of Summer due to its colors and its pieced angels on the back. I kicked a name around forever and ended up with this one. Still doesn't wow me .... but it will do.
I used Amy Butlers Lotus Brick Path free pattern with my own choice of fabrics instead of the Lotus line.

The back is once again pieced from left overs from the front.

Angels on the back. I've become kind of obsessed with doing a paper pieced block or two on the backs with some significance to the quilt recipient. Its becoming almost a signature kind of thing for me.
And this time I rolled up my sleeves and actually QUILTED. Free motion baby!!! And it wasn't so bad....although you can see the progress from where I started to where I ended. Practice does make perfect.

I decided to quilt every other strip on the quilt for a different texture. On the side where the back is green I used blue thread...and vise versa. Love the way it turned out.

And now an announcement:

Starting tomorrow I will have two wonderful teens coming to stay with me for about a month. During that time I fully expect this blog will be all about them and their days to keep mom up on what they are doing while they are here. I will return to my normal Autumn randomness in December. So, that means you probably won't have a whole lot of interest in what's going on here during that time and I apologize.....but its important. So! See you in December!


  1. Wow! That one is really pretty!

  2. I am in awe of your talent.

    And...two teenagers? A month?

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers constantly!

  3. Why are they coming? Yes, I am nosy.

  4. That quilt is gorgeous and you did an amazing job with your free motion quilting!! Love the leaves!

  5. Are you kidding me? You quilted leaves - FREE HAND?? I am in awe. The entire quilt is gorgeous, by the way. I know it was a work in progress, but I can't even imagine how many hours you put into it.