Friday, October 15, 2010

Butterfly's On Mars

Finally finished! I actually worked on this one for a year. Sort of. I started it a year ago this past summer while dog-sitting at my sister-in-laws. Did all my cutting and matching up the blocks.

Then it got packed away because of the move. And I didn't touch it again for months.

So I started back on it. And two friends got pregnant. And then a family member was getting married. And then another family member got pregnant. So, it was set down while I made gifts for all of them.

And then I got started again....and the quilt I planned on working on LAST for Christmas became a first and a finish and send now kind of thing. So I put it down again.

But with the help of my new GO! toy I am now finished (!) with Butterfly's On Mars.

Can you tell that my husband named it? LOL! I was stumped for a name and asked him to help. At first he was ganking on me for naming them....but I assured him that is was standard practice in the quilting world. Then he told me he isn't "artsy-fartsy" so he wouldn't be any help.

And then he belted out Butterfly's On Mars. And I loved it. Which shocked him. But hey, most of what I thought of (Strawberry Fields) has been used so many times it is tired already. LOL!
It was windy so getting a good picture with a camera phone was not easy. But its instant gratification for posting to the blog so I didn't break out the better cameras. (Can you say lazy??)

This is a free pattern called "Wickedly Easy Quilt". Its a huge block that you turn opposite directions when you pair them next to each other.
The back is pieced with my extra's from the front. I had a couple of corners and stuff that made for some interesting blocks up by my pieced butterfly's.
I was told the recipients favorite color was maroon -- hence the colors of the quilt. I had a hard time finding such a strong color in more modern fabric designs. Of course I started it in August....if it had been around Valentines Day I would have had alot more choices to choose from. But I was able to find several butterfly fabrics which has significance also.
I also found a free tutorial on the web for making these butterfly blocks. They are awesome!!
I also ordered another signature block for the back. Love that touch. One day if I get a new machine I will make sure it has embroidery choices on it also so I can do my own. Or maybe I wont since I get them at such a reasonable price.

And there she is.....a year in the making......Butterfly's On Mars!


  1. Gorgeous! Well done. Those reds are so nice!

  2. You are just a quilting maniac lately! Beautiful.

  3. I love the scrappy back and you have inspired to do this for a quilt I am working on. Thanks so much for your blessings! Would love to follow you Autumn, but can't find a follow button! I will be back! Love the butterflies!