Saturday, October 23, 2010

Snapshot Saturday: Mummy Fingers Edition

Today the girls and I took a trip two hours north with the Girl Scouts. This is the 150th anniversary of Juliette Gordon Lowe starting Girl Scouts....and since the 31st is her birthday, a museum in Bowling Green had a full day of GS activities in period.

Of course I should be showing you pictures like this....
...and tell you all about what we learned about the mid 1800's and later during Juliette's life time.

But I get kind of antsy if I hang in a large crowd for long so near the end the teen animal and I wandered off a bit. Not really but kinda.

And that is where we found the gruesome display. There was a whole wall dedicated to crimes in the area from times past. And the fingers above? For real. An exhibit from a 1881 trial of a man that killed his pregnant wife. With a corn knife. And why the fingers where an exhibit I don't know. Did they do fingerprinting back then?? Oh, and they had the rope and noose they hung the guy with.

There were also lots of knives and guns and other newspaper stories. One display show a picture of a guy (and why did they all have really creepy beards??), the clipping of how he was found guilty, the rifle he used to shoot the victim (a father of 9) AND the shirt the victim was wearing when he was shot.

Not kidding.

And there was a display with all kinds of things...that were labeled like...

"knife used by insane person"

So while the little girls learned all kinds of wholesome goodness about the founder of Girl Scouts....I was busy being grossed out.

Now that's a fun day.

Only thing that could of made it better was if my Bones had been there. Because he would appreciated with me.

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  1. Ok, can I tell you truthfully?

    Those fingers are gross, but I would have been completely fascinated myself!