Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ramblings From the Mother of a Teenager

As hard as it was getting my son to adult age and out of the house (love you son) was.....its NOTHING compared to raising a teenage daughter. Especially when said daughter takes after a grandmother and aunt whose life descriptor would be DRAMA. It's in her genes. And not in mine. Makes for a crazy combo. And daddy missed those genes and grew up with the DRAMA so he can't stand it in HIS house now. And nothing gets mom and dads hackles up faster than emotional drama.

Cause most of it is so unnecessary. Seriously...its the "you had to CHOOSE to let something like that bother you" stuff.

Okay - so maybe I shrug things off a little easier than most people. I think its because I don't measure my worth by someone elses standards or opinions. I am who I am. You get what you get. I will not get along with everyone on the planet. AND THAT IS OKAY. So when things go south with someone, its not tragic to walk away. I cherish the season they were a part of my life...but I move forward. Without baggage in 98% of the cases.

And this post has gotten so far left of what I am blogging about. But my whole life is like that right now....which is a whole different blog post. Think its time to get the thyroid levels tested again!!!

So....what is this post about.....
It's about paintings and chocolate.

See, Songbird has a friend that she has had since 6th grade that she still keeps in touch with. Her and J were fast and famous friends. They were so compatible that as first year junior high students I once commented to his mother that if they were two years older I might just have to watch them a little more closely.

To which she replied that her and her husband pray for their children's future spouses from the time they are babies.


But at that point I started think about just how compatible they are and how much fun they have together, etc. And the future possibilities.

Even tried to work that into conversations with hubs. His response: "J????? He's so goofy. Not even." (Does anyone know a junior high boy that is NOT goofy????)

So we moved away and I breathed a small sigh of relief. Because I just don't want my kids dating early. It only leads to scars and baggage.....and with Songbirds drama flair its certain to drive me into a straight jacket. **Let me insert here that Songbird says they are just friends and nothing more to this day....so most of this stuff is in my head.***

Except....a year later they still write and FB.

And then he painted her picture. Which I love and would love to steal from her. Maybe I should commission him to make me one?

And I think this is all just fine. Because I like J and I like his family. And they can't date unless they end up in college together -- which is perfect dating age.

And last week Songbird got a box of chocolates in the mail. REALLY good ones to - she shared one with me.

And NOW daddy is taking notice.

"Autumn. He. Sent. Her. Chocolates."

I know, baby.

I know.


  1. I LOVE the picture he painted!!!

    YIKESS!!! My soon-to-be 15-yr-old has a good, GOOD friend like that. They have a blast together and are in almost constant communication. I don't think it will lead to a more advanced relationship, she definitely doesn't think of him "that way", but who knows...

  2. My teenage daughter has just started to dabble with dating...I have no idea what I'm in for!

    Where's the manual!!!?

  3. Oh dear. I am woefully unprepared for all of this.

    That picture is pretty awesome though.

  4. Well, seeing as how my life's major drama involved the boy next door who was first my friend and then ??? I'm a-keeping my mouth shut on this one, except to say I'm with you - glad you moved away.