Saturday, October 2, 2010

Snapshot Saturday

Zombie Duck

Because my sister-in-law loves me that much.

And she's one of the very very few people in life that can related to my love of Zombie movies.

So, yes, she got me a glow-in-the-dark, brains and bones showing, rubber duckie.

Glow-in-the-dark ya'll!


My favorite month!

No, no, its not because its my birthday month, or because my name is Autumn. It's because its the 31 days of monster movies month.

Now, I understand that only about 1% of my family and friends understand this love of mine. I can respect that. So, out of love for the other 99% of you, I will NOT post about my movie fest every day this month. I'll save it for Friday or probably Saturday actually. Most people don't read their blogs on the weekend so it will be totally easy to skip right over on Monday mornings. And I'll head the post with my friend Zombie Duck so you know to just click the "read" button without even looking.

Unless its like passing a car just gotta look.

But hey - at least I'm giving you every opportunity to skip right by it without polluting your eyes or brains.

Cause I love you like that.

So stop reading right now.

Because October started yesterday and I've already enjoyed several movies. Gotta love Netflix streaming and a laptop in the quilt room.

And this year I am trying to watch stuff I've never seen or don't remember only (please forgive me Aliens and Resident Evil movies!!) because my wish list on scary movies is so long I have no choice but to sacrifice the favs.

So -- here goes!
Mega Piranha!!
Made for the Sci-fi channel so it is everything cheesy and computer generated you can imagine! Crazy unreal looking mega fish that grow to the size of a whale by the time they reach the ocean. Not kidding. And when they were still small they would even bite and eat the boats. Hah. Now that's nutritious. Only redeeming quality to this flick is the six-pack abs and shirtless shots of the hero. Great stuff as long as he didn't open his mouth. His voice so got on my nerves.
And does anyone remember Tiffany from the 80's? She was the female lead. That was interesting.
Too funny. Think I saw this as a kid. Really not a monster movie -- its one of those circa 1970's eco movies where nature strikes back. Lots of snake bites, spiders, lizards and frogs all gone wild because of man's polluting ways. Has a young Sam Elliot (of the sexy voice fame) as the hero.

Shock Waves
Again from the 70's. This one is actually pretty good. A group of people on a yacht get stranded on an island after hitting a resurfaced freighter of Nazi Zombies.

So happy viewing this month my friends!

(Or not!)


  1. We have a duck collection. We collect ducks instead of magnets or spoons when we go on vacation. And now I'm trying to figure out what vacation we could go on to match Zombie Duck. Because that? Is a CLASSIC.

  2. So, I actually have a sort of zombie obsession too, but for the opposite reason you do. I watched some zombie movie right after Canaan was born, when I was way too hormonal, and I had nightmares for months. I had to actually make a "zombie plan" for the end of the world before I could emotionally get over it. Pretty sad - but it worked.
    Now I can watch zombie movies again, I think. But I am not sure I want to. Hmmmm