Monday, October 25, 2010

Quilting Ranny: Would You Give $12 To Help 2 Children?

As most of you know, I am big on volunteering (in any manner) and helping out in your own community. A bloggy friend of mine posted about this ministry last week and I wanted to share. Its a great one to do with your kids if you do donation gifts with them at Christmas time. It could be helping a kid right there in their own classroom. And its less than $20.

Many of us in the international adoption community like to make sure we do a dontation type gift to our childs country of origin -- and this is an easy way to do both at $12.

Please at least click through and read about the charity even if you can't help this year. Maybe some other year you might be looking for a worthy cause and this one will come back to mind.

Quilting Ranny: Would You Give $12 To Help 2 Children?: "Each year around this time, charities begin hitting all of us up for monetary donations so they can meet the growing demands for help. Ever..."


  1. I just love Angel Tree Ministries. We do this every year. Thanks for promoting such a great cause.

  2. Autumn thank you and thank you to Tonggu Momma! BTW, Miss Autumn you won the thread, it pays to keep commenting. Send me your snail mail address and this will go out today!

  3. This is a wonderful cause and good job promoting it!