Monday, October 11, 2010

Zombie Duck

Can you believe I gave up a weekend in October full of monster movies to go camping with a bunch of little girls? I know, shocking.

And can you believe that the camping trip was smooth as silk with no blood and gut injuries, misbehaving girls or even kids that stayed up too late????

What is up with that?

If I have to miss my movies you would think I could at least come back from the wilds with a true life horror tale right? Not the blood and guts kind -- the crazy kid or misbehaving kind or cool tricks pulled on each other or SOMETHING.

Well, at least with all the hours spent in the sewing office this last week I got my fill of bad monster movies. (AND I finished a quilt I was busting my tail to get done.)


If you like vampire movies, this one was pretty decent.
This one has a twist as it never shows who bite the girl, how or why....just the guy that finds her and helps her. And the story unfolds from there.
Love the old monster movies. There are so many movies from the 50's that are all about mutant animals/insects from atomic accidents. Hence...the giant crabs that eat people and absorb their intelligence and talk to you in their victims voices. Very creep thought!!
Yes, shark movies are one of my very favorite. And I watch Shark Week on Discovery pretty much every year. But this movie??? A dog. The sharks roared like lions. Seriously???? And in one scene a shark comes through the side of the boat and plucks a lady right out. Wow.

Then there was Wicked Little Things..
Crazy little zombie miner children...
It! The Terror from Beyond Space...
A monster that looks like a gorilla with lizard skin. Not very imaginative. And the thing that really bothered me about the movie? The people didn't scream or have fits when being attacked. It was the calmest and quietest monster movie I've ever watched. How can you have a good monster movie without screaming???
This is a British flick. I don't really understand the whole plot of the movie (I was sewing so my attention to detail is not keen.) But, even with that it was a good horror flick. Stuck on a boat out in these reeds with a medical emergency...and something is out there.
Giant spiders being bred on a freighter. Not the people you want to rescue you after a storm. Way too heavy on the computer graphics and rather boring actually. Skip it.
This one is actually really well done and was a good movie. For the time frame the monster was really scary looking...even if it did look like a big caterpillar. Again with the radioactivity.
Not my favorite kind of movie. But the soundtrack was great. This one is people doing horrible things to other people. Not into that so much. So if you like violence and blood and guts due to bad people...this one is for you.

I'd have to say Bitten and The Reeds were my fav from this week.

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