Sunday, November 23, 2008

On the Road Again

Once again we are on the road. Back to San Antonio to update our wills. With my great aunt and uncle passing away and then my father being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, I pulled out our wills to make sure all was in order for us.

To my surprise...they were done in 1991. They are yellow even. We only had Bones. Not satisfactory. Having an adopted child we need to get this fixed and have her named in the will. I don't want some idiot coming out of the woodwork and challenging her in any way.

Lecture starts here:

Please, please please! If you don't have a will, GET ONE. Make one up using info on the internet and then have it notarized if that is all you can do.

My aunt and uncle did not have a will. She is now fighting to keep her house and vehicles and everything else because its all primarily in his name. She is living in a probate nightmare with no idea how its going to end and what she is going to do. On top of dealing with the grief of the loss of her mate. Do not let this happen to someone you love.

My parents didn't have their will together. Along with a prognosis of "2 days to 2 months" they had to scramble to get this done during the most devastating time of their lives. Do you want to be in this position?

And those of you with children at home....

Do you have relatives that you DO NOT want your kids to be raised by if you and your spouse were wiped out in a car accident tomorrow? You'd better get it in a will who you want your children to be raised by. NOW. You can change this in a later update if things change. Right now we have an adult son...but not one that I would want to have raise my daughters. He's just getting started in college - how could he? And there are other families members that we love dearly...but would not want raising our girls. Maybe they have a bad track record on marriages, or finances. Maybe they have religious preferences that are just not acceptable to us for our girls to grow up under. Maybe it is lifestyle choices they make - or all the parties they have (and you have a teenage daughter). Does this sound familiar? NAME a guardian for your children. It doesn't even HAVE to be family if its in a legal will.

Lecture over.

Anyways, it will take us a couple of days to get it all done and legal.

Tonight we got to eat dinner with granny. Tomorrow she says she can teach me to crochet. I'm hopeful! I want to make baby blankets to donate to The Care Center in town. Also I know that many of the agencies that handle fostering are in need of blankets and things also. I'd like to help in that way -- I like to keep my hands busy and this would be a way to be helpful to others at the same time. Wish me (or granny) luck.

On a side note, we had the squadron Thanksgiving potluck yesterday. We picked up Bones and he came to eat with us. It was a very wonderful meal. Of course we got accused of being all kinds of unsociable since we were off at a table by ourselves. Sorry! But we were catching up with our son so we sort of circled the wagons and had a wonderful family time in a crowd. Bad politics. But then, politics have never been my strong point.

PS - please excuse spelling...I can't get spell check to work and this computer is so old it drops letters also. Fun stuff from the road!


  1. You're so right. We have GOT to update ours. We had some from before we went to Africa... which was before kids! That guardian thing is hard. I don't want anyone to have them but me!

  2. Ive got mine too. I updated it when S was born. So sorry about your dad