Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Autumn asks: Have you prayed for a Vet today?

I am so glad we have Veteran's Day. It should bring to mind all the sacrifices that our service men and women have performed in our favor. Maybe those that don't serve will slow down for a minute and be thankful. I don't really expect that from the Obama generation...but you never know. (Childish dig daily quota now met.)

Being that my little world is so wrapped up in these hero's, I wanted to do some cool, thankful post that was just profound. I just can't seem to flesh it out with words. Part of that is because DH is gone for yet another holiday. Its hard to be thankful when your kids don't see their own dad on holidays...especially one honoring them. And my father is very ill...so there is another cloud of sorrow for this year. I really miss my grandfather also.

So, after racking my brains on what to say I gave up. Instead I'm going to post pictures of the hero's of our family. I am sad to say that I am missing some very important people here. I'm going to have to make some phone calls and see if they can send me a picture in uniform. If you are part of my family and don't see yourself....I need a picture!!

Since life is all about me, I will start with my side of the family:

My Grandfather BQ. 1st Calvary, US Army. I miss you Papa!

My grandparents after the war.
My grandparents, mom and uncle in Japan.

My Father

DH. My, isn't he handsome?

And on DH side of the family:

Great Grandfather...World War I
DH grandparents, aunt and father.

DH father. You can see who he looks like!
DH older brother.
DH...as he looked when I married him. I don't think either of us looked over 14. But then again, we barely were!

Love this picture. DH and two younger siblings that he did not grow up with. Wish Bones had been able to be in ROTC.
Same younger brother a few years later.
And yet another younger brother.

I am missing my Uncle, who followed in my grandfathers footsteps. Also DH has an Aunt that retired from the Air Force and an Uncle who is currently a general.

I am very thankful for these family members...and all the others that have served. I will pray for all of you tonight and thank God.

But, Uncle Sam, stay away from my Bones. We've done our part. Amen.


  1. Autumn, those are awesome pictures! What a great idea. Very handsome men in your family... I liked the dig about Obahama, we have to let it out sometimes

  2. Wonderful family photos. What a treasure you have to have those. Great blog.

  3. What a beautiful tribute!!

  4. I love those photos! What a wonderful, loving family tribute.