Saturday, November 15, 2008

Autumn asks: How about a post with no rants???

Wow! I've been rather cranky, fearful and angry in my posts lately, it seems. I don't enjoy that - believe it or not. Think I'll blame it on my husband being gone and playing the single mom game. Not fun. Stress.

Lame, huh?

DH made it home tonight - a whole day earlier than planned. I'll take it. You see, I REALLY like him. Even after 21 years. Or is it 22? I'll have to ask him...he's the date man of the family.

My hero gave me a new mouse today. The one I have been using has been double clicking when I single click. Most of the time its not a big deal, unless you are trying to highlight something or delete things out of your mailbox. What a pain. But now I have a fully functional mouse and am doing a happy dance. At least I was until he came into the room and informed me that my old mouse is working just fine on his computer. Like I was making it up. Well Buddy, maybe I will go buy that cordless mouse/keyboard combination I was looking at today for $60. Hah. Eat rice and beans for two weeks! Not really. I'm so proud to have saved money that I actually couldn't spend it when I was looking.

I'm a little fuzzy headed tonight and probably have no business using a keyboard. You see, I watched an old movie yesterday and the girl was drinking a Tequila Sunrise. Then I wanted a Tequila Sunrise as I haven't had one in ages...and I like them. So, when I saw the money I saved on groceries this last week I was able to buy the fixin's. But I bought Sunny D instead of orange juice. Note to self: not the same effect when you add the grenadine...its just not as pretty. ANYWAYS! Besides the overall visual effect being skewed, I also don't look anywhere near as cute as Meg Ryan as I drink one. What was I thinking? And I have to get up and go to church tomorrow. Just plain dumb.

Forget all of that.

What I really wanted to say/share are my three favorite things. Photographs. Travel. Children. (As long as I'm not babysitting them.)

Today, I want to share a couple of pictures of Afghanistan. Its easiest to start at A.

I have read 2 books that deal with Afghanistan that I really liked. One was "Three Cups of Tea". Its a book about an American that raises money for a school in a village that helps teach GIRLS also - as this was a problem in the area. Great, great, heart-warming story. Highly recommend the book.

I also read "My Forbidden Face" which is written by a girl/woman that was living under the unwanted Taliban. It's amazing what they do to women. I must say that I am looking forward to the Big O following through on his promise to beef up support in Afghanistan and pay more attention to defeating these terrorists. I agree whole-heartedly that we need to get in there and get serious. Please add this country to your prayers. I know I have.

Many women are forced to wear clothing that completely covers them. They barely have eye holes. Now, if you are convicted in this area, that God wants this from you -- well, more power to you. But if you are not convicted in this area and are being forced, beaten or killed if you disobey...this is so wrong. Women that are widows, with children, are not allowed to work and support their children. WHAT???? My God would never ask me to let my children starve.

I love pictures of children in their "native" dress. I love children in general. I love orphans and want all of them to be in families. Afghanistan has a large population of orphans due to the war in their country. My heart breaks for them. And Afghanistan does not recognize adoptions in the way we do so we can't help. I hate that. If you would be interested in supporting an Afghan orphan, look into groups like:

Afghan Child Education and Care organization

Okay, Bones has moved out to go to college. I have room for these two.

I wish.

Don't you wish you could save the world?

Anyways, at this point in time I don't actually wish I could travel to Afghanistan. Too much war and death. So instead, this is the time to pray for this country. For the women that are trying to raise their son's without loosing them to the Taliban schools and and armies. For mothers of girls that know they can't be educated and go to work. What a waste of talent. For college educated women that cannot use their education. Can you imagine what it would be like to be a woman doctor and be told you cannot work because you are a woman?

Can you imagine not being able to see a doctor because you are a woman and men cannot see you?

Genocide in a whole new way.

Don't forget Afghanistan in your prayers tonight, ladies. They really need them.


  1. Those children are the prettiest sweet. And the native dress is so appealing, I'm with you in liking photos showing it.

  2. I love those photos, especially the women in blue. Amazing.

    I really like my husband too. A lot. I would miss him terribly if he was gone a lot. I have great admiration for women like you who have to handle everything on their own, while their husbands work for our country. I don't know how you do it.

    Stop by my blog today - I posted about scrapbook organization :)

  3. Maybe you shoulda had another! THEN you woulda thought you were as cute as Meg Ryan.