Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Autumn Asks: You know what FEELS GOOD??


I guess that title can take us in about any direction. But this is a family blog. Well, I think it is. Family pretty much defines my life, so yep, its a family blog.

To the post.

You know what feels good?

Pulling into the gas station to fill up for a 170 mile trip....and paying $27 to fill the tank. Oh yeahhhhhhhhh! That felt good! Those $60 fill ups were real tear-jerkers. If this keeps up we can afford Christmas! LOL!

You know what else feels good?

Making a quick stop at Best Buy on the way out of town. DH has not said so, but he has a very fat wallet from hording his mad money, his trip money from being gone and closing a few odd accounts that we had strung all over the United States. His computer has been driving him nuts lately because it drops letters. Well, back up. HIS computer bit the dust. So mine (we are talking laptops here) was confiscated (since I have the big daddy computer of the house anyways) and became his school computer. After he took it the letter dropping started. It's looking like a bad CPU but it still works for what I use it for...a travel computer or movie player on the treadmill.

Wait - back to the subject. So we walk into BB and he looks at the computer he's been watching in the ads...all the discounts are immediate, not mail-in rebates, and he announces that he is buying his new laptop.

Being the good Dave Ramsey groupie that I currently am, I asked for the details on the money -- he explains and I am very happy for him. I'm also happy for myself as I get my laptop back. (Note to frugal friends - all old laptops, including Songbirds, were free due to being in the right place at the right time...otherwise there would not be all these laptops floating around our place -- and they were all used and salvages laptops, never brand new.)

So here is what feels good: We go up to the register and they bring the laptop and my husband proceeds to count out the wad of cash and lay it all down. Cool. And the cashier and manager are standing there smiling in a rather cute way. So the cashier marks on all the money with a special pen to make sure its real, and then looks at DH and says, "Look how small your wallet is now! I've got all your money!"

To which he replys, "Yeah, but you've got NONE of my interest!"

Of course DH and I look at each other, do a mental high five and start laughing.

And the cashier and manager look at us with rather puzzled smiles and you can tell they had no clue what he meant. And what was funny? And did they need to call security or what?

And it felt good.

AND THEN... one of my favorite people, Kylie over at Bus Driver, gave me an award.

You know what else feels good? Having a brand new will all signed, sealed and filed away in a fireproof box. My children are provided for without anyone being able to question. Executor and guardians named. Assets divided as we wish. Also, our living wills and medical power of attorneys are taken care of. Out of pocket cost: $0 (we were on orders so even the gas and lodging were paid for). Peace of mind: Priceless.

And now I will turn back to into the wild eyed and crazy mom trying to bake her contributions to Thanksgiving while getting the laundry done to repack to leave tomorrow to go to Arkansas. And did I mention Bones doesn't get out of class until 3:00pm, DH works and it is a 7 hour drive? Tomorrow will NOT feel good.

Maybe the lingering feel goods will carry me through!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Everyone travel safe - in town or out. And enjoy your family!!


  1. You can't beat a day like that! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. All right for the new laptop, award, and having things taken care of for your children! Hope your Turkey Day was great.