Thursday, November 6, 2008

Autumn asks: Mommy Brain anyone?

Mommy Brain. It sends shudders down the spine to even go there.

Why do so many of us lose our minds after having kids? Maybe not in a big way...maybe its just misplacing the keys all the time...without help. Maybe its being unable to recall a conversation you had with your spouse...20 minutes ago. Maybe its forgetting to check the gas gauge in the car.

And on and on.

My latest brush with Mommy Brain occurred when I tried to put a new hook in the ceiling of the pantry. During the ant invasion clean-up I pulled one basket set out of the ceiling and I was just now getting around to replacing the hook with a stronger one.

So, I stepped into the man cave and pulled out a power tool. Now, power tools are a good thing, but I'm not real versed in them. If DH is around he handles all power tools. Its a guy thing at our house. But if he's not around its not like I CAN'T use sometimes I do.

Mighty Mouse was being a little over the top, which is not really normal. Actually, its becoming the new normal, I just haven't adjusted to it yet. Anyways. I got out the drill and found myself a bit and put it in. Of course I'm fending off the thumb sucking, blanket loving, noise factory as I'm trying to do this.

And I marked the spot I needed. Then I put the drill up to the wall. And then something warned me that all was not right.

Couldn't get the shot to focus...but what you are seeing is a drill bit...backwards.

At least I can say I did not actually try to start drilling this way. But I was close. Too close. Yep, I was feeling rather special (ed) about the time I realized this.

So share! What's your funny Mommy Brain story?

Now, on to being Thankful.

Today, I am thankful for Emergen-C. Have you heard of this? Its a suppliment you put in your water. Some are straight vitamin C, but others have B vitamins or other stuff in them. They have a whole line of different formula's and flavors.

Whenever I start feeling run down, or have a sniff or scratchy throat I reach for this stuff. Or if I know there is a reason why I can't get sick before a certain event, I will take it daily to stay well. I also use it daily when I travel.

It really works for me. And I don't mind giving it to my kids if they have been exposed to a nasty. We have a ugly stomach bug going around church right now and since we are up there three times a week I've been keeping the kids and I on the C.

Vitamin C is water soluble, so you void the excess the body doesn't use when you go to the bathroom. This is one reason why you don't have to over worry about giving too much. Also, an overdose in C can cause diarrhea, but that's pretty much the worst of it. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor...this is just stuff I learned in college nutrition.)

I recently sent a bunch of this (in all the different flavors) to my mom to try. My father was recently diagnosed with cancer and it is really important that she stay well this winter.

And you know what? Right now you can go to Walgreen's and buy their brand of this stuff. They have a sale of buy one, get one free. The name brand is 8.99 at Walmart and HEB here for a box of 36. The Walgreens brand is 9.99...but they have a sale of buy one, get one free right now. So if you use this also, run down to Walgreens. Flu and cold season is just around the corner.

What helpful stay healthy hint do you have for cold season?


  1. I heard that this stuff called Airborne really helps prevent colds, so I must get myself to the store and buy some.

    Also, I read somewhere that a woman's brain actually shrinks during pregnancy. In my case, I don't think it ever went back to normal.

  2. Oh yes - Mommy Brain. Will it ever return to normal for any of us? I can't think of any specific story, but there is the fact that I developed ADD after my first was born. I have little concentration or focus!

    Yes - gotta have Emergen-C!