Friday, November 14, 2008

Autumn asks: Since when are teachers allowed to attack their students...and not loose thier job????

This clip starts in a language other than english but only for a few seconds. Watch what goes on in our schools. And I'm going to say it. If the teacher was WHITE, she would be so FIRED. If the teacher was a McCain supporter, she would be so FIRED.

I watched this and then I cried. And I cried again. And this went on every few minutes for some time today. Now, I'm NOT one of those people that cries easily. And I'd rather be caught picking my nose or my butt than caught crying.

And guess what...its not even about politics.

I watched my son self-destruct as a teen due to his father being overseas in the desert so much. All alone, I tried to handle a male child (and I didn't even have brothers so this was alien to me) full of anger and determined to make us pay. It was the most awful time...time spent hanging over the toilet being physically ill with his anger and acting out.

My daughter handled it in a different way. She cried. Non-stop. All the time. Especially in school. And the day another child told her that her daddy must not love her to be gone so much...well, lets just say its a very good thing he was a Sudanese refugee or the school would have had a huge issue on their hands. (Meaning I had no desire to go gunning for a family traumatized by its own war and horrors that I couldn't even imagine.)


This is a mental health issue!!!!!

All for politics????

That was NOT expressing an opinion - it was gunning for a child. It was humiliating a child. It was messing with the mind of a child.

A child that misses her daddy. A child who has no choice but to live without her daddy. A child that fears that her daddy might not come home alive.

Congratulations lady!

You verbally abused a child, on camera, and got away with it.

Welcome to the new america. (Lack of capitalization intended.)


  1. I supported Obama but I think that teacher was horrible. Putting that poor little girl in the spot light like that and making her think she (by her choice in presidents) is responsible for her daddy being in Iraq forever is not right. Obama supporter or not I think she is one awful teacher.

  2. Suzie,

    You know, I really don't think its an Obama/McCain kind of is just getting away with belittling a little girl because of a difference in politics. With a child. Not cool. I thought our candidates did a really good job of keeping their kids out of things...wish others would do the same.

  3. That's just terrible. If that happened to my kid, you can bet that teacher would be getting an earful from me.

  4. That really show what our Children Are learning in school. It's not just A-A teachers getting a way with it. August 08 a W-A teacher in North Florida called his student a N and is still working. Teachers are getting away with a lot of abuse in schools now.

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