Friday, February 10, 2012

TSA Pat Downs And the Big Boo Hoo

This post will not make me any friends. This I know.

And I don't care.

Because I am so tired of all of the crying and screaming over TSA pat downs.

Cause guess what?

Even as an don't have the RIGHT to fly without submitting to the owners/regulators requirements.

Because you don't own the plane.

But there is someone that DOES own that plane. And its not cheap. They want to protect their multi-million dollar plane and their workers on board.  And yes, the passengers also. Because when they don't they pay out even more money in lawsuits.

So the people that provide and oversee that service...they DO have the right to require just about anything they like. It's THEIR plane. It's their responsibility.

And if you don't like an invasive, sometimes inappropriate pat down....well -- DON'T FLY.  In THEIR plane.

Because what you do have is the right to choose how to go. Or not to go.  You have the OPTION of flying in this country, should you be able to afford it.

And if flying is your only choice, then shut up and get on the plane. You don't have the right to make the rules or requirements unless you own that plane.  And you don't.

And it is YOUR personal responsibility to do whatever it is you need to do far from home. Nobody else's.  You are lucky enough to live somewhere that air travel is an option. And if you are complaining you are also in a position to get your hands on a ticket.

But nobody owes you any of this.

And it is not some God given right.

So grow up. Take responsibility for your choice to travel on someone else's vehicle and follow the required steps. And if those steps are repulsive to you....don't fly.  Get over yourself.


Flying is NOT a RIGHT.

(And we all have different opinions on what type of pat down is appropriate or not -- so that argument is worthless.  It IS a risk that you will be touched in a way you don't want to be if you fly. Heck, its more than a risk, its almost a guarantee. Know it.  And then make your choices.)


  1. A few comments. First, I love your new header. Very funky. Second, you have not made an enemy in me. I like getting felt up and will take the opportunity to get some wherever I can. ;-)

  2. No kidding. Even if it is a 4'9", 250 pound woman with a beard. LOL!

  3. Amen!

    P.S. I got on here the other day to comment on several things and got distracted. So sorry that I never got around to adding my opinions. I know how encouraging it is to know that someone is actually reading what you have to say! Still praying for guidance (and please God some speed?) as the empty pantry hangs over you.