Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Pantry is Almost Bare

I'm feeling a little panicked at the moment.

You see, I've always kept the kitchen/pantry stocked with the staples plus more.

So every time we move I have to step a little outside my comfort zone and eat up the extra food stuff before the packers arrive.  But I didn't worry too much about never got excessively low.

But our move to Ohio we were overweight for the first time.  And when you are overweight -- you pay for the overage.  Especially if its your retirement move.  Which is where we are at.

And with the scary stories I've been told by other retirees about thousands of dollars taken from their retirement check for those overages...well I'm doing my best to wipe all foods out. And downsize anywhere else I can.

And the freezer is empty already.  But that's a normal one. Of course we never shipped frozen food.

All my self-canned food is used up except for a jar of jalapeno's and cucumber slices in the refrigerator.

And the staples are running down.  Which is a little uncomfortable as you should never be low on flour and sugar and such, right?

But the big deal is the pantry with the real food. Normally I would downsize some but ship a few boxes of food.  We would have it the day it arrived at the new house.

But this time we cant afford to do that.  And I can see the walls and the back of the pantry on some shelves.

Add to that the fact that we are down to one paycheck with no job and I start to hyperventilate when I think of it.

Because if there was no job but a full pantry....we'd still be fine for a few months.  No problem. My babies would eat.

Because I was brought up under the teaching of you pay your bills, THEN you eat.

Which means my kids won's eat.

Which makes me all kinds of obsessed with the fact that I don't have a survival stash of food.

Yes, autumn has hit the "obsess much?" phase.

And its not pretty.

Its also seed order time for the garden.  And I can't order anything as I have no idea where we will be at planting time.  And that's more of an enjoyable thing than  a need...but that's bothering me too.

Because it would still be food.

Is it any wonder I am overweight with this obsession????


  1. Heart to heart...forever and always...I am here for you. If needs be...come stay with us and we'll provide both a safe haven a love in abundance to fill the gap till "something" comes up. Forever and always, what is ours is yours...just show up at the door...and it will be opened with arms wide and heart-smiles shining with the light of love and welcome. My pantry is full, as well as my freezer. We need you to come help us winnow it down some. Keep this option open...forever and always....Darlene

  2. Its good to be loved!!