Friday, February 3, 2012

Blog Roll Update

I figured it was time to clean up my blog roll. Many people (like myself) have taken a break from blogging or writing or have just been overtaken by the complications of life and are not an online presence at this time.  So, I thought I'd share the blogs that I have been reading most.  Well, most of them....there are a few that aren't listed here but its more because of their circumstances and the probability of them no longer blogging much either. And I have several new ones that I just havent read all the way through yet to determine if I'm going to keep them. (Yes, my OCD is that I must read ALL of a blog..or a book...or watch all of a matter how bad. It's a curse.

So here's a little info on my new line-up:

Adoption related blogs: Love reading the journeys of other adoptive families....especially if their family dynamics are very similar to ours.

Born In Our Hearts
A momma my age with a large age difference in her children...that is very close to the age differences in mine.  And funny. I love funny.  A family that I can see my family enjoying and getting into fun with.  Her oldest is adopted from the Philippines and the youngest from Thailand. Oh, and her husband? Mad zombie invasion skills....or at least hurricane aftereffects skills anyways.

Adoption and Fire
Mom and dad work with the Fire Department in Houston Tx and other projects. Katherine is adopted from China.  Love Wendy's pictures....she takes some of the greatest shots. For a little twist on the adoption subject, Wendy was adopted also....a white child to an Asian family. So at the family reunions....its not her daughter adopted from China that stands out. And Wendy? She is amazing. From Burn Camps to fundraisers for Firefighters families to family support of the fallen. What an amazing woman. Love her photos on the events she attends and works.

Our Little Tongginator
One of my all time favorites still going strong.  Our daughters are the same age and both have their fair share of adoption related issues.  Love her voice also.  Never a dull moment. The end of last year they were finally able to adopt their second child from China so she has had her hands quite full and doesn't have the opportunity to write like she used to. But this is one open minded and wise lady. I always feel like I learn from her.  And the Tongginator is a hot mess of a crazy funny child.  How I wish we lived close to this family. You may remember the baby quilt I made for them last year.

Being Prepared: This is a new thing for me. At least reading blogs about it.  No, I don't think the world is going to come to an end or some huge event is going to take out half of mankind. I do believe our latest pres was the final nail in our coffin. I believe it only gets worse from here. We cannot sustain our national debt.  Jobs will be harder to get. Life will be more expensive. And crime will rule our lives. Plus look at all the NATURAL disasters that just keep steamrolling us.  So I just want to be a little more self sufficient.  A little more prepared for hard patches.

Surviving in Argentina
I think we have so much to learn from Argentina. They were once a fantastic country, mostly middle class and well to do. It took one charismatic yet unqualified leader to turn the poor against the middle class and rich, default on their national debt and bring the country down. You cannot read the history of their economic collapse without seeing our current truth all over it.  Why our country thinks it can follow the exact same path without consequence is just beyond me.  Anyways, this blog goes over what its like to live in a crime infested country where the criminals are not punished but those they attack are....because its the poor that keep the leaders in office.  Fernando has also written a book that I have not had a chance to get my hands on as of yet.

Surviving the Suburbs
A believer in the "peak oil" problems to come in our country. Again, someone who wants to be self sufficient and live well when things in our country become more expensive and life as we know it changes for the worse.  Not a doomsday blog...a being responsible for yourself and your family mindset.  She has also written a book that I have read and it was very good and gives you plenty of things to think about that you could be doing to lesson the impact of a harder lifestyle to come. Very much a stay right where you are and make it work for you blog.

Mom blogs I love:
Some of these are military moms and some are not. These are my most read. I have left out several others I read in an effort to keep my list smaller. Its easy enough to update it and do this again.

Diary of a Stay at Home Mom
Another military mom who puts her family above all else and has made them her "job". We have many things in common. She does run a much tighter home on the cleaning front than I do, lol! And talk about great recipes. Reading, crafts, cooking, family, Christian, military life, household management and a huge heart are what this blog is all about.

Want What You Have
One of my top three. This is just a personality thing as much as a fantastic blog. We have lots in common and we think very much alike.  Not a military family, just a "family above all" family. Heather has a gift for writing and is sure to have you in stitches with some of her stories. And you know...her and her husband got married on a train. How cool is that.  Heather is a master at sharing organization tips and help for around the home and lives a frugal life by choice. Another person I'd really like to meet in person. Heather also shares some great recipes- including a home made pita I need to give a try for our hummus and Tadzhik nights.

Down to Earth
Another one of my staple blogs about self sufficient and frugal living. This time its a retired couple living in Australia.  Rhonda is a valuable resource that shares her knowledge and lifestyle in a non-judgmental and encouraging way.  The Bible talks about the older women mentoring the younger...and that's exactly what you get here.

Quilting blogs: I haven't been quilting much at this  point this year. What with the major projects of last year and our uncertainty of what comes next. But there are a couple of blogs I still follow anyways...

andie johnson sews
Andie lives in a city not too far from me. Reading her blog led me to find the best ever quilt shop in Waynesville Ohio. I love her for this. Plus I have enjoyed all interaction with her and hope to actually meet her before we leave Ohio. I almost got to go to last years huge quilt show in Cinnci to meet her but I had a Girl Scout function that kept me away.  Love Andie's work that she shares. Here is a picture of the Modern Scrappy Baby Quilt that she has a tutorial for on her site:

Oh Fransson! 
Still on my list. Talk about amazing work. Right now she just finished this "Sparkle Punch" quilt that I really love. And its a tutorial. I think I should make this. Do you think I should make this?

And I think that it more than enough for my side bar for now.  I have several blogs I need to read through to see if they are worth keeping and sharing.  When I have I'm sure I'll update again.  Hope you found something new and interesting here today.


  1. Autumn you are so sweet, thank you so much for the kind words about me and my blog, I'm surely glad and blessed to have met you through it :)

  2. I am beyond honored that you included me--and first, no less (or was that just some alphabetical thing? I wasn't paying attention--you know--at my age). And, of all the pictures I have posted, I am moved that you chose our OSHA approved electrical survivalist mode rigging system.

    Thanks for getting me and my crazy little family!


  3. Oh, I forgot to's all about the tactical bacon!

  4. My husband wanted to know what I was laughing about when I read that so I told him. His response? Tactical Bacon would be a way cool survival blog title. So put your hubs to work...we just set the stage for him. lol

  5. I would have loved to put a picture of the girls but it felt like an invasion of privacy and I was too lazy to ask permission...

  6. Same here Sandra!