Monday, February 6, 2012

Three Dog Night

Thank goodness its been a mild winter.  I really do not like the cold. Not my thing.. No.

But why is it, that when its 65 degrees outside, it feels great and you can run around in a sweatshirt and be almost hot.  But walk into the house where its reading 71 degrees and you freeze your butt off??? Someone explain that to me.

Especially since even with a mild winter the heat bill went up over $100.  I didn't even have that much of a jump with my air conditioning in the summer.


I was reading a book, I think it was "Little Heathens", about growing up during the depression and the things they went through.  Great read.

And in this book I learned yet another reason to have a dog. Or two.

Because when you can't afford the heat and you turn that thermostat down...

You can add the dog to the bed to keep you warm.  And in this book that is what they did. And how cold it was determined how many dogs were allowed in and upstairs to the kids rooms.  Was it a one dog night or a two dog night?

When I was telling my husband this story it was an ahhaa moment for the name of the band Three Dog Night.  And there are probably people out there that knew this....but we didn't. We were too busy growing up middle class and not being exposed to that kind of hardship.

But I can tell you that it really works.  Of course the dobbie is not allowed in any bed -- she'd take over.  But The Rat?  That 7 pound nut case?  Its like adding 3 more people to the bed. He is really that warm.  Which is good since he is Songbirds dog and she has the coldest room in the house.

And great when he takes a nap with me because he likes to be by my feet which are always cold.

And that's the end of the story.

Expected it to be better than that didn't you? LOL.


  1. I thought it was pretty good myself. And yep, I did know that origin of the phrase '3 dog night'. :)

  2. Totally new knowledge! Daisy takes naps at my feet all the time when I am reading or just sitting on the floor working on paperwork and I definitely appreciate her heat. Even in a mild winter I am cold! Talking about books, have you read The Hunger Games yet? I know that they are all hip now and they are going to make a movie, but I really liked them. They are already up for a re-read on my list. E-mail me and we'll chat.

  3. No I haven't read that book yet. Will have to put it on my list!