Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guest Post by Kristin Wells

Hey Guy!  Today we have a guest post from Kristin. She is a recent college grad with a degree in creative writing.  When she offered to do a guest post for me I was happy to say yes.


                                               Keep Traveling And Keep Having Fun

Vacationing with family is always fun. Being able to travel, see the sights, visit places together and share the experience lasts a lifetime. It does not matter how the economy is doing, whether it is good or bad. Spending time with the family is priceless. Military families do not always get to spend time together. Mobility, orders to remote bases, war, training exercises or classes can keep them apart for extended periods of time. This makes time together all the more precious.

Families of those who travel for a living such as truckers, salespeople, executives and so forth are in a similar position, but it really is not the exact same thing. Non- military families can learn from military families about spending time together, making ends meet and making every moment count.
Renting an RV or simply driving your own vehicle if big enough and going to a nearby state or national park for a weekend gives the family a relaxing and interesting place to stay. It is a very inexpensive way to spend the weekend. No three- day weekend or pass is necessary; leaving Friday night and coming back Sunday afternoon is a great mini- vacation.

Take a camping trip, even if it is in the same city. If your city has an RV park that allows tenting, check out camping gear and arrange for a weekend camping trip. You are away from the house, but close enough to showers, hiking, lakes and more depending on the park. The cost is minimal and if the weather gets too bad, you can always go home quickly. Personally, some of my fondest memories growing up were made during camping trips. Grilling out and making smores, while my dad told stories are memories I think about often. It can be a great opportunity for the family to get to get to bond a little more. Also, make sure to take into account any health concerns of family members into consideration while planning. Some places may not be ideal for someone stricken with 
Pleural Mesothelioma because of high altitude concernsMWR, for example, is a great place for information, discounts and coupons. Some bases near historical cities in the States and overseas have discounted tours. This is a great inexpensive way to spend a day with the family. Splurge on treats featuring the local fare and leave the driving to the bus operator.
For a special weekend, see a local travel agent and ask about any military family weekend specials. If none are available at the moment, perhaps the agent can find something in the family's price range for a future weekend getaway.

Attend a local festival, party in the park or other local event. Pretend to be tourists seeing the city for the first time. Ask the family what they would like to see through a tourist's eyes. Send pictures and descriptions to relatives and friends. Military families deserve weekend fun and excitement just like anyone else. Since the military member(s) can be called away at any time for any length of time, time together is essential. 

Kristin Wells is a recent college graduate from The University of Georgia and an aspiring writer. She wants to make a difference in people's lives through her writing. Kristin also likes competitive cycling, running, and traveling as much as possible.

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