Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beneath the Surface

I have a friend that is totally fantastic.  But many people never know just how really great she is. See, you have to get to know her. On the surface she is rather quiet and reserved.  But Beneath the Surface? 

She is also our chronicler. I found a cool purple camera fabric that screamed her name when I first saw it. She also loves to scrapbook so I thought she might like it. 

This is one of those people that you know your life is better just by knowing them. You can't wait to find out something else about them you didn't know...because its always so great.

 Of course she gets a glitzy pony and lots of hearts quilted in. Love you girl!

You are an amazing person. I love it when you start goofing off and getting sassy. And as you are always under a blanket in the Circle of have a big role in how all of you ended up with quilts.

Stay beautiful!

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