Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sweetness of Nature

This is for my friend Confidence Personified.  She is a force to be reckoned with -- in a good way. She is smart. She is funny.  She is beautiful inside and out.

She is also classy and a perfectionist.  As a matter of fact, she is so hard on herself, that I got nervous about making her a quilt and got too caught up in trying to make it perfect for her.

God laughed.

Because I have never been about perfection.  So I got slapped on the wrist and taught a lesson.  When I was half way done I was checking it out and found three very serious mistakes.  Mistakes that I didn't have the fabric to fix.

At first I was devastated.  And then I got A WORD.

My friend will laugh at that because she is ALWAYS getting A WORD.  And God uses her to share those words with us.  And I always want to run away screaming when she looks at me and says: Autumn, God gave me A WORD for you.  Oh. No.  Its always straight to the heart of a matter in your life and most of the time she doesn't know where that arrow lands, she just knows she's passing on a message.

Its always right on.

So, this time I got A  WORD.  And that word told me that I knew better.  All my other quilts I was pouring prayer and memories and love into......while this one I was trying to be perfect.  I was sweating it.

So I didn't rip out those errors.  I kept them. Not only to remind myself...but to share with my friend...who will always have a much less than perfect quilt from a friend that loves her with all her heart.
   This quilt I actually saw a picture of and tried to recreate because I had the flower panel.  Why I would pick my first quilt to recreate from a picture for someone I wanted it to be so perfect for I have to clue. The quilting in free motion butterflies.  I watched a video on a blog written by a friend in England. Her's are much prettier than mine...but I can claim to be a beginner. Hah.
So my friend. I hope you enjoy your less than perfect quilt from your less than perfect friend.  Lots of love to you!


  1. Something tells me i'm going to love each and every one of these quilts. Those flowers are beautiful and the horse on the back melts my heart, I love horses. You did great, even if there is an imperfection. =D

  2. I am loving looking at these!! I could not wrap my brain around how you were going to make all of these, but boy howdy - you did it!

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  4. Your butterflies looks fantastic!! I'm so thrilled you had a go at them! :o)