Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shining Star

My friend the Shining Star is just that....a shining star.  Always she is thinking of others and giving of her self, her time and her home.  She opens up her heart over and over again....even though she has been hurt badly by some of the closest people in her life.

And to know her is to see God at work. Every day.

I love being at the lake house and looking off down by the lake and seeing her there with her Bible and her Father, starting the day.  Without fail.
For her quilting I followed those stars (which are actually the first traditional quilt block I've ever done.). For the squares I tried my hand at free motion star bursts.

I love the stained glass look of the borders. For you quilters: if you haven't used the "quilters linen" you should get your hands on some. It looks so elegant and its 100% cotton. I love the colors you can get it in.

To my friend, the shining star, I'm so excited for your new adventure in life. I'm also living vicariously through you as I'd love to do the same.  Always I remember your family in prayer and LOVE knowing you. You are the real thing.

All the best on your adventures!


  1. Wow! I LOVE this one! It is beautiful!

  2. This is my favorite so far, I love stars! This is beautiful!