Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Perpetual Motion

My first finish of the purple quilts was for Mrs. Perpetual Motion.  I swear she never slows down.

She's also a classy yet clean lines kind of girl.

I picked a very modern pattern with clean lines and then quilted it in the same.  With lots of lines.  Lots of motion so to speak.

I love my friend. She goes and goes.  Her sense of humor is so in line with mine that I always look forward to seeing her.  Love the quips and sarcasm.

And yet....

She has a spirit that thirsts after God. She wants to "line-up" with His will, and stresses it when she thinks she doesn't. She is much too hard on herself and too much of a perfectionist in some areas.

And I love her.  All of her.

Although there's only about enough of her to fill the shoes of a ten year old boy lately. (Just sayin' girl!)

 More 'clean lines' on the back.  The modern looking fabrics with the couches and chairs are all in honor of "The Circle of Death".  Had to do it just for you friend.
And her pony made with the Asian purple fabric.  Heather made me do it.

Love you girl!