Monday, August 22, 2011

The Big Reveal

So its time for the big reveal.  All that sewing I've been doing for months and months.  A big secret and surprise.
You see, last trip to the lake house with my friends, one of the mama's got to snuggle under her baby quilt while nursing.  And then she made a comment about which a couple of sideways comments started flying about wanting their own Autumn Quilts.  And of course The One Who Thinks Too Much had to rub it in their faces that she had TWO Autumn Quilts at her house. Grumble.

And it occurred to me that it would be so easy to make my favorite friends their own quilts.

We have our own little "name" of our group which included the word Purple.  So that was easy. Purple quilts it is!  And I started collecting purple fabrics of all kinds.

11 quilts -- including myself.

I had been collecting free patterns off the internet so I thought this was a good way to use them. Each person would get their own unique quilt. I'd piece the backs with left over pieces to keep the cost down.

And then I found a horse paper piecing pattern -- again, an inside thing that won't make sense to anyone else.
And each of those darn ponies took a week apiece to complete.  Geesh.

So I sort of let the fabrics and the patterns tell me who got what. Some came real easy...others I had to go looking because none of the patterns I had really fit my friend.  In the end one quilt started for one person and ended up morphing into another.

All the quilts are a different size....partly because I have no concept of size with the measurements. Some I added onto even.  I was going for a couch throw size.

After I finished everyone else's, I threw mine together using the leftovers and just putting it together like a jigsaw puzzle. No actual pattern.....although I did try a few things I saw online that I thought were cool.

So that's what I spent months doing.  Each quilt I worked on reminded me of the person I was making it for and was sewed with lots of memories, love and prayers for them and their family.

And I'll actually start showing them tomorrow.

Because I'm mean like that.

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  1. That is awesome! I can't wait to see them! =D