Thursday, September 1, 2011

Enter Into Joy

The next to last one! I'm sure you guys are probably rather sick of purple quilts at this point. I have to admit that after working with so much purple I will be glad to use up the scraps and not ever do another purple quilt again! LOL!

Enter into Joy.....I could not pick a better description of my friend. To be in her presence is to be joyful. Every encounter leaves me wanted to know her even more. She is a drink of cold water on a hot day.  Her's is a friendship right there at the top with my other besties. Most of us are lucky if we find one friendship in life that we can actually label as "soul satisfying". I have been blessed  by a couple of these - of which this friend is.
She also has elegance and style. She is very much a girls girl and as sweet as they come.
The back of her quilt is full of words that describe her. Words like gratitude, kindness, laughter, precious.....
Whenever I need prayers, she is one of the two top people I let know. Even  if the answer to my prayer isn't what I was looking for, just having her in my corner praying with me is comforting.
Her pony is a lovely satin look print.

Bound together in a batik hexagon fabric to compliment the "snowballs" on the front.

Loving know you. Loving the fact that I will know you to the end of my days.

But you still think too much.

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  1. Okay now that is a VERY neat design!!! love it! =D