Monday, February 21, 2011

Tweetie-Pies and Flutter-By's

I saved the Bitty Princess' quilt to show last as Kylie had only been shown a portion of it. You know I can't send big brother a quilt after making little brother a quilt and leave her out. Besides, I had all this left-over material from Songbirds quilt, the wedding quilt I made and Blessings in Blue. Perfect opportunity to do some more destashing. Since I know we are not done moving around yet, I'm trying real hard not to collect a lot of fabrics because the stuff weights so much....and we were already over our limit when we moved here.


I was very excited because I was making the quilt completely from my scraps. How frugal! So I pulled out what I had and then started searching the free stuff I've pulled off the internet until I found a pattern I knew I could pull off. And here she is:
Of course I got to use my Go! cutter for the squares and all of the inside 2.5 inch white sashing. that means I had this quilt cut in no time at all. I think I did it all while watching a Netflix movie on the laptop.

For all the white sashings I used the three white on white fabrics left over from Tricia's quilt. The larger outside border is a scroll, the longer inside sashing has butterfly's and the smaller pieces in-between the blocks is the same pebble pattern on big brothers quilt.
I quilted a flower pattern on the outer border in aqua and loved the way it turned out. I couldn't bring myself to do the inner sashings like I did on Songbirds quilt and Angels of Summer because I didn't want to cover up the butterflys.

As I was working on this project I ran across them most amazing girly safari fabric. I KNOW! I already had my backing ready to go even. I was already basting it. But I couldn't help it. I had to have it. It just made sense to me to add that same touch of Africa that her brothers had. So I spent money. Full price even. I never do that if I can help it. And oooohhhhhhh I was NOT disappointed!!!! This fabric is so AWESOME!!! (And was well worth unbasteing the first choice and setting the whole project aside while I waited on it to be shipped to me.)

And that was the surprise that Kylie hadn't seen. So much for the piece I was going to use up on the back....but I already have a plan for it since I decided to barter two custom birthday cakes for my girls......
The binding on this quilt has a story. I saw the fabric and shook my head because it was so ugly. This was quite awhile ago. But I thought it could make a very interesting looking binding since you would only see a small strip and it had so many colors I could work with. So I bought a small bit with that in mind. When I put the top of this quilt together and was looking to decide what to bind it with I ran across that piece and was surprised at how much of the green and aqua was in it. So I decided to try it out and it just worked. So if you have an ugly piece of fabric make sure to test its feasibility as a binding. It just might surprise you! Especially if its colorful and you have used so much white on the front.

Kylie was sweet enough to text me a picture of the kids with their quilts. Hey girl - can you email those so I can print them? I haven't figured out how to get it to a jpeg from my ends up being something else I can't open.

(I keep a "quilt diary" at the advice of others and its fun to be able to slip a picture of the recipient in with the write-up of the quilt with their quilt. Oh, and Heather, I could use one of the Boy-o and his also if you don't mind! )

Well....back to my big project. These two little guys were a nice break from it!


  1. I'm so with you about using up ugly fabric for bindings. Somehow I ended up with yards of awful armadillo spooky eyed fabric that would freak even the bravest soul in my stash and like yourself I had an a-ha moment and have used it for binding. Works brilliantly...just looks like polka dots! :o)

  2. I love your's so pretty. I agree about the binding..I've done the same thing.