Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Emerald Coast

Songbird has had fun seeing the new quilts I've been making. She even made a quilt for one of her friends in Texas. Too cool.

But one day she told me it was HER turn. Everyone had a quilt but her. And you know....Mouse has about 4 so its no wonder she did protest.

So Songbird picked out her colors and over time I collected fabrics in those colors - aqua, lime green and a splash of fushia. She also picked out her quilt pattern. She even "designed" her own quilting design.

Naming quilts can be kinda hard. In this case I kicked around names the whole time but nothing was working. And then when the top was done it occurred to me that these are the same colors we saw all around in Songbirds birth state. And thus a name was born.

So here is my daughters quilt made in the colors that remind me of where she was born and the great time we had living on the Emerald Coast.

The back is again one piece and then pieced with some of the extra fabric.
For the quilting Songbird only wanted a heart on a vine design in the aqua sashing only. This gives the quilt a really interesting texture.
I have some of the fabric printable labels left over from trying them out on the charity quilt so I used one for Songbirds quilt also. I like how easy they are to make -- I'm just not sure how well it will hold its color/writing over the years since its just ink.


  1. Autumn,

    What a beautiful quilt. You are so talented. I'm sure your daugther will treasure it forever.

  2. What a gorgeous quilt! Your daughter will always treasure this special birthday present! :)

  3. absolutely gorgeous! Perfect for Cierra! She must be thrilled...what a treasure you both are, and so lucky to have each other...blessed be!