Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Want

My on-line friend....okay okay that is stretching it but she did turn me on to the best quilt shop in my area AND she does amazing work...and she's in a Modern Quilt Guild...and she lives not that far way......


Andie did a "I Want" post because she is sick of winter and a million other things. Are you feeling it? I know I am. And at the end of her post she says: What about you - whattaya craving?

Which gives me the perfect reason to blatantly rip-off her post ideal.

So is what I crave...

Although the Maldives are an awesome choice...I'm feeling Greece right now. Since I'm not beach material I need more than just the sea and sand. I think Greece covers that with some of the most fantastic food out there. And the statues. And the history. Yes. I'm feeling Greece.
30 Days at a Thai Detox and weight loss resort. I'm feeling so Anna Nicole....and not in a good way.
Like Andie...I could really use new shades. Since I've never had expensive ones I have no clue what I'm missing....and intend to keep it that way. As it is I have 4 pairs of damaged pairs in my new car that were all dug up while emptying the old one last weekend. Man I'm tough on shades.
A snake massage. Okay, okay. I'm lying. But I would like my own personal masseuse and chiropractic visit once a week for the rest of my life.
Like Andie...a three day nap in a nice little room would be heavenly. But my room needs a few books if I'm going to be in there for three days.

A day hike with my family in the nice 70 degree weather. Complete with a picnic lunch. And NO ONE complains until its time to go home and they are disappointed that its all over. (A girl can dream right?)
I was going to put a home of my own next.....but even that is all about the kitchen. I want a kitchen. I want to be able to walk through the kitchen without having to touch anyone else that might happen to be in the same room. I want to be able to cook. Our favorite foods are done in the wok or sushi/nori rolls and I can't even make them in this house because there is no counter space and prep space. So very very tired of that.
I can't wait to get started gardening. We are thinking about giving the straw bales a try this year. Have any of you tried this? Our tomatoes didn't get very big last year in the pots so I want to go a little bigger if we can.....and the ground isn't an option.
2012 Charger. Oh yes. The Jag has always been my fav car....but I'm thinkin' American now. Even though we did just buy a new van and it will be another 7 years before I see a real car. Being a mom does have its limitations.
My own quilting/sewing/reading/office/room. But I might not ever come out...especially if I have my own
reading nook......

And finally. What I am really craving. Is a weekend. With my girls.

So what are you all craving?


  1. A day off... I would honestly settle for a few hours at this point. :)

  2. Love! I want that sewing room. And I want a group of gals like that!

  3. Hey Autumn! I'm new to your blog, so I just wanted to say a quick hello and that I enjoy your blog.

    For the I want...I want a "me" day. I am a stay at home mother for two little boys, between them, keeping the house cleaning, cooking and my husband. woo I just want a day for myself! Just one, that's all i'm asking. haha!

    have a great night. :)