Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow Madness

My friend Wendy over at Born in Our Hearts had a random thoughts day forced on her by old man winter. I found myself reading through her list and giggling because I feel every bit as random right now. No complete or compelling thoughts on anything in life....just a bunch of strung together craziness all brought on by being house bound and forced to see yet MORE snow...again.

And I'm not even in the part of the country that has been hit so hard. This is just the regular stuff.

But therein lies the reason for so few posts. It's my own version of snow madness. Loosing my mind slowly. And the whiter it is out the windows.....the stupider I feel. Seriously...I think I lose IQ points every time it snows.

So here goes the incomplete madness of my random thoughts lately:

*There is never anything on tv. Thank goodness for Netflix. I could easily give up cable as long as we have said Netflix.

*The thought of getting rid of cable is sorta funny. Both my girls would go into withdraw. Like true drug addicts. To unplug the teen from Glee would have far reaching consequences.

*I swore, over twenty years ago when I got married, that if I stayed home at any point I would NOT watch daytime tv. And I still don't. Is that anti-American?

*I also swore I'd never get fat.....and I'm fairly certain I have crossed over into the "obese" category this winter. Oy!

*Dogs that don't like snow can do some really cool chasing up on back feet, hopping like a kangaroo when they really want something. And its very funny.

*The first time you hear a tree crack, shatter and fall and wait for the thump on the roof (because life is iced over in a special kind of hell)....is memorable. And the relief you feel when its your neighbors tree and not yours.....

*If you live in snow country....keep all camping gear very accessibly stored for winter storm time. If you have it and are prepared.....you might get it out and ready several times, but Murphy's Law dictates that you don't need it and will just have to put it away again. And this is a good thing.

*Water standing on the kitchen floor every day from a bad washer drain is preferable to having workmen coming in and out and snaking said drain over and over and over again. And after snaking a drain 3 times you should be able to deduce that it isn't working.

*Old houses fall apart in cold weather. And I'm so very glad I don't own a house here and just have to pick up a phone and call when something goes wrong. On the list today: washer drain and garage door that wont close.

*Husbands should not be able to go to TDY to such places as Texas and Arizona when we are snowed in and cold here. Its just not right. And the next 10 days will be very, very longgggggg.

*Hot tea is my friend.

*Of all the signs of aging that I see daily now, why is it that the old looking hands upset me the most?

*If I had known a new washer and dryer would cut my laundry time literally in half....I'd have put those suckers on credit instead of saving up!!!

*Where DID the romance go?

*Just how tired are you when you put both contacts in one eye? And take the top one out and reinsert over and over again.....and not understand why you can't see?

*Having a 15 year old and a 6 year old snowbound in the same house together....is no different than having two three year olds going at it. It defies logic.

*Gray hair. Its a permanent fixture in my life.

*The timing of the sale of Girl Scout cookies is retarded. People want to diet after Christmas season....not buy cookies.

*Watching a teenager with every advantage self destruct feels like the biggest tragedy and waste ever. Because it is. And it doesn't matter if its your child, a relative or the kid across the street....it is all a huge tragedy.

*I always miss the good parties.

*I should have be born in an Asian country. You know, where they eat real food for breakfast? Normal food. Breakfast foods just don't work for me.

*Soup is good food.

*We've used up all our snow days. Wonder how far into summer the kids will be playing make-up when all is said and done.

*I'm ready for summer vacation.

But now, now it is time for a nap. My sleep schedule is all messed up and my husband snores. Not a good combination.


  1. Shall we compare lists and see who's officially crazier?

  2. I love snow! But I guess that this is because (here in the Country of Unstoppable Rain aka. England)we never get any snow. If we had it constantly I would get bored (and cold). Danie(:
    P.S Love your radom thoughts. They made me Laugh pretty hard.

  3. Random thoughts are perfect and priceless. Oh yeah, hot tea is my friend too.