Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If I Don't Show Up For Work....I Get Fired.

With no benefits.

With no unemployment check.

Its time our elected politicians get the same. All parties. All issues.

Why do they not have to do the job they were elected for?

(And who is paying for the mass exoduses that are going on? Unless they have a second job or inherited money...that would be US.)

America's politicians are the dirtiest employees on this earth. Power corrupts completely.

But its still the best place to live on earth also.

The question is.....for how much longer?


  1. absolute power corrupts absolutely...]
    so, do you hold accountable... those that gave them the power to use as they choose (or not as is the case) or the ones with power for using (or not as is the case) what was given them???

  2. Both. I wonder at our short-sightedness to give them the power to do whatever they want and get away with it. We don't have enough stops in place for all of our politicians. And the life benefits? They gave those to themselves and its got to go unless they put 20+ years in. But that monster is so far out of the peoples hands now that it will never be fixed. Bad on us...the people that put them there.

  3. The problem has been growing for generations now. Each generation gives more and more power, leaving fewer "rights" ~ I am about as "small government" as a person can be. But I think it might be too late to go back, at least, not without a lot of pain. People are too dependent on those they put in power, and they think that putting someone different in power will fix the problem. The only thing that can fix it is for people to not depend on the government to solve problems. People, individuals, small groups, and then hopefully larger groups, have to solve problems.

  4. So very true Beth. And with the entitlement class we have created - there's no way they are going to give up their gimme's without a fight. Just like welfare. So very sad.