Friday, February 18, 2011

A Far Country

I just sent off a box to a couple of very special kids. Last summer I made a quilt for their new baby brother. Big brother really liked the African theme so I filed that info in the back of my brain. Then I kept running into this awesome African panel when I was searching for materials for a big project I'm doing. I kept thinking that if I took the left-overs from the African quilt I could piece another top if I had a back. But my resources were committed in another direction. Finally I could stand it no longer...and texted Kylie with a picture of the panel and told her if she was interested and could get me one of these I'd make a quilt with the fabric I still had for H. And she was interested.

So Kylie and H. went to the quilt shop to try and find the panel. We had determined that we could order it if they didn't have it. But H. was THERE and there was a fabric he did like so he wanted it. Well okay then! I'm great with that! So he picked his own backing fabric (which I think is so cool - not just the fabric, but that HE picked it) and they sent it to me.

I pulled out all the scraps from little brothers quilt and was delighted to be putting them to use as they are quilt shop quality fabrics and just yummy. Love them. Kylie did happen to mention that H.'s favorite is lions. So, I couldn't help myself. I went online and searched for lion pillow panels to make a focal point for the front. I found an awesome one on *bay for less than $2.

So here it is:
My camera would not focus very well with all the different patterns going all over the place. Sorry its not real clear.
This is the back with the fabric H. picked. I added the borders so I could make his quilt a little bigger. The black doesn't show but its a black on black with a pebble pattern. Adds a cool touch when you see the real thing.
I loved the fabrics so much I didn't want to quilt over them. Instead I just did the ole stitch in the ditch and then added another square about 3/8 inch inside each block. Great for not taking away from the fabrics.
Quilting from the back.
The pillow panel. Don't you just love the intent look of the lion? So glad I found this!

So little Mr. H. I do hope you enjoy your new quilt. It was so much fun to make...and helped me destash!

(And just as a funny....the week I was basting this together to complete, his mommy did a FB post about a conversation they had about color. Seems H. likes all colors...except black and white...because he just wasn't sure they were very useful. I'm now very curious to find out whether or not he changes his mind! LOL!)

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  1. You are so nice to make a quilt for someone else. I bet he loves it.

    I like the way you quilted it too.