Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm Out Of Here!

I'm off to play with my Texas friends! They were able to schedule another lake house weekend getaway. Thought I'd take the time to check in on Bones and catch up with some other family and friends. See you in a week!


  1. Have a wonderful trip, Autumn! enjoy the warmer weather.

  2. Have a great time! I will miss you though.

    I received the quilt today, and I'm just...amazed! It's so gorgeous, and I just don't even know how to thank you enough. I posted pics on my blog today, and as I mentioned, what you wrote in the card had me in tears.

    I hope you stop and visit me before you take off!

  3. For some reason my page wasn't telling me when you wrote, so I missed out on your last couple of posts... now you are leaving, and I won't get anything new for a week. Bummer!
    Have fun. I will wait for new words of wisdom, and laughter!

  4. I hope you are having a wonderful time.