Friday, January 1, 2010

Food Class Friday

So its a brand NEW year! It's always nice to have a new beginning. Hopefully, this new year will be far less eventful than last year. No unexpected moves. No crazy travel happenings. No large financial losses.


I thought I'd try a themed day this year on the blog. After much thought, I think I came up with something. It wasn't easy. I have one friend that does snapshot Saturday and Thankful Thursday. Another bloggy friend posts a scripture and adoption related links from around the web on Sundays. Yet another blog friend does a homemaker post on Mondays and Crockpot meals on Thursdays. Then there is another blog I read that does book reviews on Thursdays.

It's hard to come up with something new.

But one thing we all love? Food. And since you can NEVER run out of fodder for food, I decided that was it. And to date, I've pretty much passed on all I know to two other adults that did not have mothers that taught them to this can also be a need in some households.

Are you ready for this?

Lets start out the new year with a dish that brings back shudders....(of something) to my dear hubs. A dish that he uses as the trump card in comparison stories from when he grew up. A delight that always wins hands down.

Grandma Sjurseths lovely green jello salad with onions and olives.
Yes friends, we will start our recipe file with a delightful Congealed Salad. The congealed salad is a most desirable accompaniment to a meal. They are colorful, light and refreshing. They also have the benefit of being able to be molded into many different decorative shapes and sizes! How appealing for that special occasion!

Now, I must confess that I have never made this culinary delight. I like my green foods a little more firm and a lot less jiggly. Since I've never tried this one myself, I don't have a true picture for you to drool over. I also don't own the recipe. Shame on me.

So we will have to settle for this very similar one.

Instead of the lovely olives, that look like eyes, floating around in the green goo, in this delight you will find radishes, carrot curls and celery . But you cut the radishes in flower shapes, so its almost like the olive eyes. Right?

It's very important to remember to cut the green onion just right. Yes, you must slice each piece lengthwise into very thin slits. This results in a green onion tree. And who wouldn't love the look of a graceful green onion tree in the middle of their green jello? Don't skip this step. It MAKES the salad friend.

For maximum visual appeal, make sure to find some of those yellow and white daisies. Green and yellow are sure to pack a visual punch. So very 70's retro. Won't your mom be so delighted?

This amazing salad would be appropriate in many situations. Invited to a potluck by the boss' wife? Looking to make an unforgettable impression? I promise this one fits the bill.

Need a unique side for the church picnic? This is sure to bring them running to the table. You will be surrounded by amazed faces!

Yes, this one has lots of public appeal!

Oh, and don't forget to email me a picture of your first congealed salad for my recipe book! I will be so proud!

And according to hubs, this one should be filed in the "some things are just visually incorrect" section of our new recipe books.


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  1. What you taught me was way more helpful and practical than this one, but never before have you made me laugh when teaching me about food! :)