Friday, January 15, 2010

Food Class Friday

Are we ready to try our hands at a meat dish?

At least I think its meat.

Today, will are making Liver and Bacon with Bananas!
Break out the family silver and polish it up! This is a dish for the best china only! I guarantee you won't find it on the table of your common friends!

These succulent, sauteed calf livers are browned nicely and served with bacon rolls! Yes, bacon rolls! Flat bacon is for the masses! Line the platter with bananas baked in butter and then crumb coated. This slightly sweet addition is a delicious complement to the liver. Serve it all on a fluffy bed of rice.

For that extra decoration punch, don't forget to lay it all out on your best Berber carpet!

According to hubs, this masterpiece is to be filed under the "What the flip? Over." category.



  1. no no no, that is just wrong ;)

  2. Sorry honey. This makes me happy to be a vegetarian:)