Friday, January 8, 2010

Food Class Friday

How did those congealed salads go? Anybody have some pictures or stories to share? Cooking can be so rewarding!

Today, we will be adding a soup recipe to our books. A soup that would go soooo well with last weeks salad. Matchy matchy is always fun!

How about some FRESH Potato Swirl Soup? Yummy, yummy!!

Now, its important to remember to use FRESH potatoes for this recipe. You won't get the same creamy effect from the old potatoes at the bottom of the cellar pile. And those canned potatoes? A big no-no! Can you believe I did not even know there was such a thing as canned potatoes until I was an adult and shopping for myself??? Yes, sad for me, I grew up in a household that though those fresh potatoes were not only better for you, but tasted better. Talk about old fashioned.

You have your regular onion, celery and chicken broth in here. Easy enough to get your hands on. But the real punch comes from that grassy green colored swirl! What a visual delight!! I know the color green in food I'm not expecting it in ALWAYS catches my eye and turns my head!

And no worries! Its just watercress and parsley making up this pureed swirl of green goodness. Both should be rather easy to find at your local market. At the last minute prior to serving, the watercress mixture is gently swirled through the potato mixture to add that amazing contrast in both color AND flavor.

For that extra touch of sophistication, drag out that mega-huge sangria glass from Don Pablo's to serve your soup in! Talk about making use out of what you have! Now that's classy and frugal all at the same time! And for that extra pop, find yourself a green doily or decorative mat to set the sangria glass on!

Watch out Martha Stewart!

Girls, you are really cooking now!

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  1. That is one beautiful soup! I love potato soup and I like you didn't know about those canned things until I married my husband. I don't think he knew that food came from anything but a can, plastic bag, or box! So glad we have changed all that!!