Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Dumping Ground

When we moved here, we qualified for a 4 bedroom house since Bones is in college and still counts as a dependent. Well, since he doesn't actually live with us, it means we got an office/craft/sewing room! How cool is that??

Hubs has been taking college classes very heavy since we arrived also. This means he has very little time for extra's. Which also means the office has never been set up or organized. It has become "that room". You know, the one with all the unpacked boxes. The one with all the stuff we haven't found a spot for yet. The one that has stuff all over the place because nothing in the office has even been set up.

Now lets throw my stuff in there. A scrap area that takes up one whole corner...and its not all put together because I can't organize until the rest of the room is organized. And then there is my sewing table (can you call something the size of a skateboard an actual table??) that won't fit anywhere except in the middle of the very small floor. Yikes.

Has anyone else had one of these rooms? I can't be alone here.

Throw in the DVD dresser and all the CD holders and it looks something like this...


And that's without showing you the whole corner with Hubs desk and mess. I'm not going to be THAT transparent!

One good thing did come of this. I learned I like my sewing table to be open on the back side. It makes it much easier to work on a big item like a quilt.

The bad thing was...I never wanted to go into that room. Thankfully I had the baby quilt come up that I wanted done ASAP. This forced me to go in there and work, which really brought home to me that this is just not a workable situation. And it can't wait until March to be fixed.

So I brainstormed. The scrapbook stuff had to go. I have not been scrapping for years. I am half way into my adoption book...but I just can't stay motivated to get it done. (MM's lifebook is complete, its my books that aren't done.) So I decided that having it all out and available was no longer a priority. I'm not ready to get rid of it yet...but it can be stored in a different manner. Out it came.

I also need a bigger sewing surface. I tried to use the scrap table (it has many different leg heights) but it bounces when I sew. Nope. Not a workable solution.

I remember an idea from our last IKEA trip. And decided I was doing it.

So MM, Hubs and I went to Cincinnati on Monday and picked up my solution. Have I mentioned lately how much I love Hubs?? Yes, I took snowball money that should have gone on the credit card bill (this is excess above and beyond the monthly payment) and spent it on a sewing space instead.

Dave Ramsey would be ashamed.

But I am besides myself.

Thank you IKEA. Not only does this desk match the bookcases in the living room (in case they end up in the same area some day), I have a surface AND shelves to work with. AND I can actually get into the room now.

Come March, this room will be so much easier to finish now.

Which is good -- because the garage is gonna take all summer.


  1. Doesn't everyone have one or more of those rooms? I was planning to post pictures of the completed craft closet on my blog before the trip and didn't get around to taking the pictures. The new desk looks nice. I think sometimes, splurges like that are OK when you are on a budget plan and all immediate bills are covered. Some money has to be spent to accomplish goals sometimes.

  2. LOVE it!! I don't have a sewing space at all and haven't wanted to set up on the dining table lately. However; the quilting bug is biting so I may have to break down. I'd love a room and desk like yours! You done good!!

    Molly(no comma on this puter)

  3. nice desk!

    and, that quilt looks GORGEOUS! can't wait to see it finished, pleas post pics! :)

  4. I think that we all have a room like that in our homes. At least yours has a door. Mine is off of my dining room. It looks so nice now and the shelf space has to have helped. Enjoy it!


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  5. Woo-Hoo!!! What an accomplishment! I definitely have a room like that. I need to get on it... Glad for the IKEA idea!