Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stepping Onto the Fast Track

We woke up to the fact that we are seriously out of time.

School starts in Ohio on the 18th of August.

So, it looks like we are moving up the leave date to the 3rd of August.

We need 4 days for pack out. Three days packing and one day to load. (Who the heck takes that long to pack???? These Texas movers must have one heck of a union.)

So, movers set for July28th - 31st.

Did I mention I am leaving town Friday? For ten days? Yes, I am coming home on the 26th. So I'll have two days to pull aside anything that I don't want packed.

Breathe. (Grabs paper bag, puts head between knees, and starts huffing!)

Now would be a good time to get over my aversion to meds and get a prescription for Mother's-Little-Helper. (Not really!)

Phone cut-off date set. Cable shut off day set. Internet shut off date set.

Car oil change done. Tires rotated and balanced.

Important documents pulled for travel. All medical records gathered.

Hmmm. How many hundreds of things am I forgetting???


  1. I will pray that all goes smoothly as you transition from there to Ohio. And that the house sells. And that you will remember all of the necessary things. None of this has caught God by surprise. And you have handled it all before. You can do this.

  2. You are making me breathe hard and making me want to shed a tear! I still can't believe y'all are leaving,and I can't believe it's so soon. I will have to call you tomorrow. Goodbyes are a must. I will pray that you will have a clear mind to do what needs to be done efficiently.

  3. Ack! But you can so this. And you will.

  4. Moving is never easy. But it sounds like you are getting it together. Hey, if you have someone to pack for you, that's half the battle! Still praying your house will sell soon. :)

  5. I dont think your missing anything.
    Praying that it gets easier. I hope the transition goes good for everybody.