Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Play Date With an Orphanage Mate

We had our last play date with our little friend Miss Sunshine.

Mighty Mouse and MS are about 9 months apart in age. They both very much look like they come from Southern China. Both are very small and barely make it onto the growth charts. Yet, both are healthy as a horse. This astounds me with Mighty Mouse as her diet is so bad. She should be sick all the time between her diet and her sad beginnings.

So we spent a couple of hours at our friends house playing in the pool and playing with bubbles. It was lots of fun.

We will miss this family!


  1. I love the pictures, they are adorable :)

  2. What adorable little girls! They are just so, so cute.

  3. I love seeing SWI-mate reunions! It's one of my favorite things.