Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Autumn Asks: What are you loving this summer?

Todays post is a blatant rip-off of this post by Wendy....fellow Christian Texan and adoptive parent. You should check out her blog, she is an amazing woman, married to an amazing man, with an amazing mission in life. God Bless our Fire Fighters!

So, June is gone. Hand me a paper bag please!!!! This means I'm down to one month before we leave. Feelin' sick here. And no, not a single bite on the house. Kill me now. I don't do patience or stress well.

So, to combat a serious case of over-stress-itis, I will share the loves of my summer so far. Even though its flying by too fast, it has been a beautiful summer.

My summer loves so far this year....

Father's Day in Fort Worth with the whole family....except my husband, my son and one of my nephews. Haven't seen that many of the Frymark's together in one place in longer than I can remember. Wish I had a picture or two, but I forgot to take the camera.

A weekend at the lakehouse. Amazing. Fantastic. Probably not to be duplicated again in my lifetime.

Camping with my wonderful daughter. Just mom and Songbird. We don't get much of that since I dropped out of Girl Scouts. I really miss it.
(Our youth pastor demonstrates his "Monkey Walks On Water" Fung-Fu moves on our camp-out.)

Not one, but two birthdays with my friends at Uncorked. Can you say Chocolate Fondue?? Yummy! And the circle of friends? Awesome. I also got to know a few new friends, and am very sad that I won't be around to expand upon those friendships. are really my type girl. We could get into trouble together I am quite sure.

Hot, hot weather. Yes. I mean it. I will miss you Mr. 100+. I will pine for you when I'm stuck in the snow. Sob!

The kid pool at the Y. Nothing makes Mighty Mouse happier than swimming. A happy Mighty Mouse = a happy mommy. And daddy. And sissy.

Working on a gift quilt for a special boy when its too hot to be outside. Creating something from nothing, or with your hands gives a satisfaction that can't hardly be matched.

Finding a soap I can use on my skin...that smells good to. Love Great Cakes Soapworks.
And of course any book I can get my hands on. Right now I'm reading a book called Nights At The Circus. Strange but good book. Also reading Middlesex, which I didn't think I'd like but has turned out to be rather good.

So what are your summer loves?


  1. Ok first, I am still laughing at the melted ice cream van LOL I'm surprised here in Arizona we don't see those all around LOL

    I'm loving spending time with my kids this summer, going on vacation to Texas, doing Six Flags, gardening and being outside as much as we can.

  2. My response to this was WAY TOO LONG to put here, so I did a post about it. Check it out.

  3. I'm laughing too hard to write a coherent comment, but I DO have to ask - does your youth pastor know you posted that photo to the blog? As a former church youth director, I will feel the need to speak up on his behalf... just as soon as I stop laughing at him. I mean WITH him.

  4. I may have to copy this idea...
    First, a word of encouragement - When our house was on the market we only had two people walk in the door to look at our house, and they merely walked in, looked at it, and never gave any response other then that. Then, the third people, about two weeks before my husband deployed, saw it, put in an offer, and bought the house. I had to close without him, and move without him - but you can do a ton with a power of attorney.
    I won't tell you not to stress - that is an impossible feat - but don't stress too much. It will work out!

  5. How did the Ice Cream van melt? Was it THAT hot in Texas?

  6. I'm still praying that your house will sell. It's just so ironic that my friend SUMMER is trying to sell her house in Ohio, and AUTUMN is selling hers to move there. Oh, and thanks for plugging my soap once again. You're the best!

  7. I liked the melted ice cream van.:D

  8. What a great post! I wanted to comment about some of the things I read, but I'm so tired that I've already forgotten the details. This summer - I'm lovin' this new baby!

  9. Wow! I feel honored that you used my idea for your post! I loved it by the way!!! And I love your blog too!