Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hanging Out in the Country....

It's always nice to run away to a small a house out in the middle of nowhere.

Okay.....maybe all the staring at Walmart is rather annoying. She's Asian, not alien people!!!! And bless the poor cashiers heart that says "So its true! That stuff you see on TV about adopting really happens?"

Good thing you were so sweet and interested. And I apologize that my daughter kept her back to you the whole time you were trying to talk to her. She does not enjoy being stared at, talked to and told just how beautiful she is. She's tired of it. Not your fault....but I'm not going to scold her for it.

How did I end up down that rabbit trail??? Refocusing.

So Mighty Mouse and I are enjoying our little holiday.

What are we up to?

Mostly hanging out on the porch. See, my sister-in-law has a great porch. And a great yard. And about 5 different sets of outdoor furniture to enjoy all this. She also has no less than 10 sets of windchimes with very nice sounds.

So we hang out on the porch with these guys...

Cricket....which describes her size pretty well....

Little Bitty Lucy....who thinks she is the biggest dog in the place....
Lulu....the tank. She's constantly taking me down wanting kisses. I don't do dog kisses...but she didn't get that memo.

We also have the rat with us and there is Daisy....but she tried to bite me and spends most of her time under the couch. I think my nephew is the only person on earth that she even likes. Or likes her. (Was that my outside voice?)

MM is also playing in the wading pool....
And blowing lots of bubbles...

We are enjoying the flowers....

And then heading in doors for reading, cross stitch, tv viewing and some sewing.

Speaking of sewing. I finished Michael T's quilt. It's a good thing I don't have a little boy at home or I wouldn't be able to give this one up!
Daddy is coming to visit us tomorrow night on his way home from TDY. MM can't wait!

Before we know it Sunday will be here and we will be on the way home. And two days after that the movers show up.

Where did the summer go!!!!


  1. That MM and that quilt are adorable!!!

    I totally understand about smalltown Walmarts! My cousins live in a tiny Oklahoma town with the smallest Walmart in the whole chain(yes really!) and even if you look like the local white trash they still act like you are from Mars!!


  2. I love your quilt! Also, the view from the porch is fantastic. I'm glad you're having a nice holiday.

  3. Oh, I so want to hear windchimes now. It looks beautiful there.
    I love the quilt.
    Enjoy the relaxing!

  4. Hope you are feeling relaxed.

    Sounds like you are in a backwoods town!

  5. What a great way to relax!! The quilt is absolutely beautiful! Are you really packing up already?? Time does fly. Wish you could have seen the video we watched at church yesterday about God's faithfulness. It was very good!!! Maybe I'll do a little looking & see if it's available somewhere. So you can watch it in your spare time!! :)