Monday, July 7, 2008

Autumns asks: Are any of your kids going away to summer camp?

Last night at 11:30 pm Songbird boarded the bus to Summer Camp. It's about a 9-10 hour drive from here. This is the first time she has gone without me along as a chaperon.

Songbird has been on other trips overnight without me. It's not a first. She spent 4 days in Chicago when she was about 10 with the Nebraska State Choir. That was nerve wracking, but I lived through it.

So what's eating me this time? I think its the number 13. As in age. Co-ed camp. So I tried to comfort myself with the thought that at least this is a Christian camp. But no. The ladies in our Monday morning Bible Study were kind enough to let me know that their first kiss was on a church bus to or from camp (one with dad driving!). And it wasn't just one of them. Hmmmmm.

I'm sorry to be missing the fun as a chaperon. That is good times! Sweaty times, but good. But I won't miss the sunburns. Or the bug bites. Or the bad camp food. Or screaming girls that find bugs in their cabins. Or the smelly bus ride.

I do hope they all have the greatest time. I never went to camp as a kid so we try and make sure our kids get the chance to experience it at least once or twice. I'm curious to see if Mighty Mouse will do it when she's old enough. Bones was in Boy Scouts and camped all the time. I worried more about him burning down the forest than coming to harm. And I was mortified the time I found out he de-pantsed someone for being ugly to him. A young Scout. And they made the new kids drink the hot dog water. Eww.

I wish it wasn't too hot to go camping!


  1. I know your girl will have a blast! I hope so anyway! :)
    And wouldn't you rather the kissing take place right there with a good church boy, right under dad's nose than some creepy boy from who know's where with no one around?! HAHA!!! We didn't mean to make your nervous- it was all meant in fun! :)

  2. I never went to camp either, and truthfully, I never even considered going. I'm too much of a homebody - I think I would have been miserable, but my oldest daughter would love it! She's very outgoing and sociable, but I'm not ready to even THINK about her kissing boys!