Sunday, July 6, 2008

Autumn asks: What activity did you do this weekend just for your kids?

It was a nice quiet 4th weekend here. I suppose I should wax poetic on freedom and patriotism and such. Sorry. 8 years of deployments has pretty much stomped it out of me. Thank the Lord we are now where we are...because I really don't think I would have made it another year. I don't know exactly what that means...but I was at the end of the end of the end of my rope. (No lectures please, my kids are the 3rd generation in a row to be born to career military, in military hospitals - nobody understands freedom and sacrifice more than my entire family.)

ANYWAYS! It was an FCC (Families With Children From China) weekend for us also. We had a Jumping Jumping Party. I had never been. It's a bunch of inflatables, inside, for the kiddos to jump and run and be crazy on. Then we had some time in a party room with crafts and fun.

We got to see one of Mighty Mouses favorite people - Little Miss Sunshine. MM and LMS are actually from the same orphanage and are 3-4 months apart in age. They favor each other quite a bit (in person, not so much on film) and you can tell they come from the same area. LMS is the most outgoing, friendliest, sweetest kid going. You can't help but be all smiles around her.

So we had fun bouncing around (very undignified if you are overweight and rolling around like a Weeble when trying to get into or out of an inflatable) and then I got to watch everyone chow down on munchies I can't touch. DH got the evil eye as he stood next to me tossing down handfuls of things like Pringles and Cheerio Snack Mix. Dog. But I was good. I was even good afterward when we went to one families house for lunch. They were awesome and had brisket, which I can eat until I puke. (No I didn't.)

MM was being a little uncooperative with pics so this is all we got!


  1. I'm glad you are where you are, too! We had a nice 4th- it's my mom's birthday so we are always with the fam and do our best to cook out and swim. I do love the fireworks but we didn't make it out this year. Both kids were way too tired from the days festivities. Mine both love the water so we spent all afternoon in the pool. it was fun! Anytime you feel like a Jumping Party, Hudson always loves that place!

  2. I know I've said this before, but your little girls are just the cutest!