Monday, July 14, 2008

Autumn asks: Do you need a little help with your interior decorating?

Apparently I do. Now, I'm not saying I'm much of a decorator...because I'm not. My mother passed that gene on down to my sister and just skipped right over me. But, I have never had a 4 year old try and improve on my efforts before...

Mighty Mouse took a sudden interest in the sofa table. She pointed to the Terra Cota soldiers and asked, "Chinese"? I said yes. Then she studied the rest of the table. I couldn't figure out what she was doing.

A little while later I look over and find a whole new set-up. I guess the soldiers needed a Chinese drum, and where 1 horse was good, 3 was much better. And what is even funnier to me is that her additions probably costs more than mine! LOL!

Terra cota soldiers: $2 each
Bamboo plant: free from FreeCycle
Tang horse: $3 from antique mall in Hot Springs Arkansas

4 year old's first interior decorating job: Priceless

Nobody can say kids are boring.

And since I have mentioned FreeCycle I need to put in a plug. If you haven't heard of FreeCycle you are missing out. It is a Yahoo group you will find for most cities in America. The point is to list the things you no longer want or to post for things you need. It is to keep things out of our landfills. Oh, and its all free.

In Nebraska we got a nice rocking chair, crib and changing table when we adopted. I picked up several (20+) 3 ring binders for a project. Other finds have included different plants, gourds for a Girl Scout project, flashlights for a Girl Scout project, a toaster oven, roaster, George Foreman grill for a single mother whose stove went out and had no funds to replace it, a very large corkboard for our "school room" and some maps, a sleeping bag for camping, organic vegetables for a child sick with cancer, and various kids clothes, baby clothes and toys.

I have gifted loads of books, a Little Tykes sandbox, bikes, couch & love seat that I didn't want to move, shelving units I did not want to move, a pool, expensive curtains and rods for a girl's room, a gas stove, a nice living room chair, lots of craft supplies for a church after school program, an antique sewing machine, a tool box, clothing and toys and that same rocking chair, crib and changing table.

And there are always people needing and giving loads of moving boxes. I've done both of those.

So if you are someone that has a few things you want to get rid of you might do a Google search for "Freecycle____________(whatever city you live in) and see if you have one around. And if you so choose, you have the person come and get it at your house and don't have to do a thing to haul it -- that is why I use it more than anything. Sure I could haul it to Goodwill - but why when gas is $4 per gallon? And when I'm looking for something and someone has it, I don't mind driving to get it.

The area we are in right now has a group. Our Omaha group was much bigger and more active, but since I use it more to pass on supplies than to find them, it is still great. Really great help for anyone with more needs than income or someone moving that is over the allowable poundage limit!!


  1. Bee went through a decorating phase too, where she was always rearranging everything. It was cute.

    I've never been successful at getting anything from Freecycle. Someone always beats me to it! I have given a lot of stuff away though.

  2. That Freecycle sounds awesome! I had never heard of it before. I'll look up the one around here. Thanks for the info!