Thursday, July 24, 2008

Autumn Asks: Are you a 'night before' or a 'morning of' packer?

I'm a night before packer. My husband is a morning of packer. The car is loaded, except for blankies, pillows and bathroom bags. Drinks are chillin' in the garage fridge. Extra ice is bagged for the cooler.

But what is all this mess, you ask? Well, we see a bolt of fabric...leftovers from making Mighty Mouses bedspread...that will now make a trip to Arkansas to be magically transformed into a matching valance for said room. Sticky note attached with measurements I was instructed to bring. We have favorite blankies that my girls don't travel without. Toy backpacks...or, er, excuse me, toy and teenage stuff backpacks. Road food and drinks...this crazy diet makes it very necessary. And no that is NOT a 6 pack of coke...its a trick of the light, really, it is. Super duper camera backpack that can even survive 18 hour plane trips to China and every other imaginable trip with hands free, extra space for extra's and a safe and sound zoom lens that I am very attached to. And a digital fits in there to...after all there has to be a camera I can download pictures to my blog to! Also, you will notice the ultra cool quilt with the Chinese writing on the backing material. This is a quilt in the making for Mighty Mouse that my mother is working on. I needed it to make pictures of the squares on the front so I can start the "100 Wishes" scrapbook with all the wishes that came with the material from friends and family. I'll have to do a separate post on that some day -- it is incredible.

So I pulled my busy day off with grace! It was a God thing!! I got Songbird and two others to the lake. We have friends that just got transfered here from Nebraska. The brother/sister pair are going into 7th grade so we took them along for Lake Day...they don't know a soul yet. I was worried that they might be bored or feel left out, but it appears they fit right in and both had a fantastic time. Thank you Highland Youth leaders, kids and parents for welcoming them in. How great is this church?

And I actually got done with my errands with a hour to spare so Mighty Mouse got to play on the playground and in the sand for a bit. But there were a few things I just dropped off my list. They can wait...a couple of projects that are left all over the living room. DH actually told me to just leave it since he'd be gone also and wouldn't be bothered by it. That made a huge difference.

So now its time to settle down, relax and get some sleep. DH has to be up at 6am so we are probably just going to get up and head out when we are ready after all. Thanks to all for the travel prayers and wishes. Will miss everyone!


  1. I'm definitely a night before packer, I don't like rushing before going anywhere.

    Have a great trip.

  2. I'm a night before, too. I can't sleep unless it's done.
    It also makes me VERY happy that your girl and her friends had a great time at lake day. It was a really fun day for me, too!
    Have fun on your trip!!