Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Autumn asks: Have you ever won twice in one day?

Whoooo hhoooooo! I NEVER win anything! And today I won 2 things! How did that happen???

This morning when I settled in with my tea in front of the computer and started hitting my blog list, I found out that I won the June drawing at Creative Crafts and Stickers. That is the blog that I do the scrap challenges for and email in. Each layout is worth getting your name in the drawing once. I think I sent in about 4 layouts last month. Anyways, I have no idea what I won, and I don't even care....but I WON.

And tonight,at the end of our 8 Great Dates date, we won a Jason's Deli gift card. Can you guess what our date will be next week?? This week we went and let a friend's dogs out and fed them. They are out of town (the friends, not the dogs). Not what most people would think of as a date. But we sat at the table while the dogs were outside and went through our questionnaire.

Tonight we also went up on the stage and were interviewed about how we kept up the prayer and questions while DH was out of town. I thought I would be nervous but I really wasn't. It was actually kind of fun...and I didn't even embarrass my husband.

For my friends in Monday Morning on the Simple Mom blog (see my blog list) there was a post on The Benefits of Imperfection. It kind of follows the conversation we had last Monday on opening up and sharing ourselves. You should read it. For a brief rundown here are the titles:

1. Flaws help people relate to you.
2. Making mistakes teaches your children that they can make mistakes too.
3. Imperfections make you more authentic.
4. Admitting your mistakes strengthens your relationships.
5. Overlooking shortcomings shows your family that they are more important than things or agendas.
6. Mistakes give you something to laugh about later.
7. Inadequacies can inspire.

Go check out the is a good one.


  1. Congrats! I never win anything either, but my husband ALWAYS wins something. He's the luckiest person I know.

  2. Congratulations :) I also never win anything LOL

  3. Yep - y'all did great on Wed. night! I read the article you suggested. So good. I have especially been learning to focus less on my agenda and more on the needs of others.

  4. Autumn,

    It's nice to "meet" you. That is so fun that you won 2 prizes in one day--enjoy!