Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Autumn Asks: Do you have great Daddy and Kiddo pictures?

Heather at Wanting What You Have has another great picture post going on today. She posted pictures of her husband with the kids. Now I have to say I love those kinds of pictures. One of my favorite things about my husband is how he is such an involved father. Although he is away too often, when he is home he really enjoys his kids. So this was a hard task for me - paring down my favorite daddy and kid pictures. But here is a rundown through the years....

Bones LOVED Ninja turtles! Here dad is home on mid-tour leave (stationed a year overseas without us) playing Ninja Turtles.

Football with Bones in the backyard. You'd think we were living somewhere in the north...but this was actually in Austin, Tx. We must have had really thin blood back then!

Daddy's first dance with his daughter. Songbird was not yet 6 months old. Bones is dancing with his grandmother in the background. She really did try and teach him how.

Bones learns to drive the boat. My guys were always so tan when we lived in Florida. I hid under t-shirts and hats. It must be nice.

Hiking in Iceland. Songbird being so small while we were in Iceland did not slow us down much. We brought a backpack carrier with us that made her very portable. Now, this stick that was supposed to be a bridge was almost my undoing. It's not bad enough that I don't like heights, but watching DH cross that with my baby on his back almost gave me a heart attack!

Daddy and bones before their marathon in Reykjavik, Iceland. It was a beautiful day. I really miss Iceland.

Songbird with Daddy on 4th of July weekend. We were outside playing baseball and having a picnic with others in our apartment stairwell.

Christmas in Iceland. Songbird is wearing one of the outfits her grandmother made her. I don't know what it is with my girls and only wanting to wear dresses. I was such a tom boy growing up!

Yes, there is a story behind this one! Bones had to bring a cake to the Scout cake auction to raise money for their troop. So, with the help of a neighbor they made a tank cake. It was the most popular cake at the auction. Kids CRIED when they didn't win it. And who was the happy winner of a $40 homemade box cake? Why that would be the parents that made it. Bones HAD to have it. And let me tell you, it was GROSS.

Songbirds 6th birthday. Finally back in the states in Nebraska. What a goofy dad.

Less than a year after this picture was taken Bones was 2 inches taller than his father. I've never seen anyone take off in growth like he did. I'm really surprised he did not have serious growing pains.

First meeting with Mighty Mouse. The rush of emotions that these pictures bring still take my breath away. Adoption is such an incredible miracle. Not to say my older two aren't miracles, its just so very different.

Home six months and finally growing hair. Mighty Mouse was still very afraid of her surroundings but we got laughs and smiles out of her at this event -- parent day at Songbird's Horse Camp.

Daddy and Mighty Mouse. Nebraska. Settling in.

Daddy and his girls. South Dakota vacation. Look! MM has hair!

Daddy and his kids. Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota. Bones...what's up with the hair? Oh, that's right. Dad was gone overseas and you decided you had to have a Mohawk. Mom let you. But you were smart enough to shave it off before dad got home! And I do mean shave.
Our most recent shot. Songbird helps out with the car. Not by choice. You'd be surprised how many different shots/kids I have this one of. Slave labor is good when you like clean cars.

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