Monday, July 21, 2008

Autumn asks: Do you have someone in your family that sews?

We do! My mom has been at it again. She sent Mighty Mouse a new dress and outfit that she made...just in time for our family (not) vacation.

The last few years she has been doing smocking. This little dress is smocked with little flowers. The ties in the back have little ladybugs on them. Even Songbird thought this one was cute and wants one to match!

So for the rest of this post I am going to put pictures of Songbird and Mighty Mouse in their Nano Fashions. I realized I don't have good pictures for all of the dresses...and it would take way too long to load that many! But this is your warning that this will be a lengthy picture post!

The Ladybug is my favorite! But the flowers are awful cool!

Love the little pedal pushers

Songbirds "apron"

Easter Dress

Last Christmas - wish I had a better picture.

Halloween Witch on smocking

Easter Dress with smocking

Sundress with smocking

Songbird Easter Dress

Fall dress

Easter Dress

Already scrapped pages. The background on the Easter one is the pattern of the dress.

Springtime Dress - Hi Bones!





Winter jumper


  1. You're so lucky! I love homemade dresses. I found one at a consignment store that Bee lovingly calls her "apple pie dress." I'll be so sad when she outgrows it.

  2. Heather - I think my mom is making up for the fact that she couldn't get me to wear any dresses growing up! LOL! LOVE the stuff she does!

  3. What talent! I love smocking. I enjoyed seeing your mom's handiwork.

  4. How cute are the dresses! I do love the lady bug also. That is great that SB is wearing the dresses still too. I bet your mom feels great about that.
    Still working on getting the blog to work right. I don't know what I am doing.