Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Word of the Year For 2013

This seems to have become a yearly post.

I don't really do resolutions. Too many of the ones I've made have not stuck. And hey America, if it doesn't work, try something new. Novel idea, I know.

So its more productive for me to just have a word to focus on in the months ahead. Almost like a memorized prayer for the good times and the bad; the daily moments.

All over FB you see people posting their words. It is fun to read. But some of it is sad. I know you will think I'm crazy but for the people that post words like peace or sentiments like forget everything from last year and just have a great year built on forgetting..... that is just so unrealistic to me.

Peace will never happen. At least not on a global scale. Evil will always suprise those that stick their heads in the sand and think love conquers all. Peace in your own life is more attainible. That I get. But ignoring the evil has a price all its own. I want to teach my kids how to have a good life without being a willing victim to evil. I don't even know if that makes sense. Its more of a concept of teaching the kids not to let the evil triumph by stealing their joy -- but never to think the evil isn't there. It is. The trick is teaching them a fighting spirit instead of a spirit of fear. Teach them to fight evil, not pretend its not there.

I also don't want to put this year behind me. In my opinion our country is going in a very wrong direction. I won't pretend its not. More people need to be aware of the wrongs our government is doing. It would be more pleasant to say the election is over and we can get back to normal. But we can't. Our normal is being ripped right out from under us. I will not stick my head in the stand or feel defeated by it. I will share the evils our government does with the news articles that are brave enough to print it. The good things done by our government (and there are good things)  DO NOT cancel out the bad.

So I've been trying to figure out what would be a good word for me this year. Last year was not a good year. But last year was not the worst that could happen to us either. We aren't broken. Jaded yes, but not broken. So I don't need some word like Recover...because that implies that it was harder than it actually was.

I also can't think of a single upbeat word. I can't forget the bad things we were put through last year due to greed and politics. It sucks. And I will be honest....I don't believe it gets better from here. A little better maybe, but not much. We are too old to recover from much of the damage done. And I don't think our country is going to rebound like many people do. I think we are following too close in Argentina's footsteps. I think its going to get very bad. So some flowery unicorns and fairies sentiment won't work for me either.

After thinking about how I can combine both thoughts, I found my word.

A word that does not ignore our horrible 2012, but does hold hope and the fighting spirit for 2013.

So for 2013, I choose:


to bring into order again; gather and organize or inspire anew:     With a new location, job, schools, etc. I will need to rally my home and life.

to concentrate or revive, as one's strength, spirits, etc.
After the year we have just been through I need renewed strength.

         to come together in a common order or action
          Starting a new life will require my family to pull together  
      even more

to come to the assistance of a person, party, or cause (often followed byto  or around  ): I no longer want anything to do with either political party in our country but I do want to rally around our citizens and their rights. 

to recover partially from illness: This last year has been one long sickness in our country with the politcal climate and hatred Americans have displayed toward each other.

to find renewed strength or vigor
I admit to feeling like a dog thats been kicked after this last year.
       (of securities) to rise sharply in price after a drop.
       Hopefully we can get back on our feet and start to rebuild what we 
        lost financially.

      (of the persons forming a stock market) to begin to trade 
       with increased activity after a slow period.

       a renewal or recovery of strength, activity, etc.

       a drawing or coming together of persons, as for common action, as
        in amass meeting:  I look foward to finding a new community I  
         can get involved in.

       a get-together of hobbyists or other like-minded enthusiasts, 
        primarily tomeet and socialize.

This works for me. Recognizing the fact that we were nearly destroyed while forging ahead in the new year. Forging...not forgetting. 

So how about you? Do you have a word for this year??

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  1. Outstanding word! From every perspective!!! ...there is hope in the face of adversity...strength that comes with determination to maintain values worth standing on...and up for! I like your word. Mine for this year is more a sentiment than actual word... "attitude of gratitude" I have little that others would deem "valuable" yet what I have is priceless in my heart. Even after all we've gone through, for so very long, I still greet the day with a glad heart...and begin to gather light to send back to the Father for all he has put before me. I am humbled by his generosity, and I pray that as the challenges come (as we know they will) that I will FIRST shine with an attitude of gratitude and let the light work Its wonders through me. TDW