Monday, January 14, 2013

UFO's in the Back Yark

We are staying at a place that is in the forest. It has a yard full of gravel. With no fence of any kind. And is surround by the forest on all sides.  There is nothing to keep anything (like the pack of coytoes) out or anything in.

There are also no lights. Except at certain street corners. This is not like a normal neighborhood. The village is built to blend into the forest....not obliterate it. Hence the lack of lights or fences and many other conveniences. And your house can easily be the only one on your entire street.

Its dark when the sun goes down.  Real dark. Too dark to go for a walk even.

Have I mentioned that both our dogs were stray rescues and both bolt if they get loose? Of course they do.  And do  you know how far away a black doberman gets before it disapears completely in the forest after dark?

About 10 feet.

Of course you know Cinder managed to get loose from Songbird one night when I wasn't home and she tried to take both dogs out at the same time. Down a flight of stairs. To their lines they are clipped to since there is no fence.

She could not see the dog once she bolted. At all. Scared the poor kid to death. Luckily it also scared the dog to death and Songbird was able to follow the sound of crunching leaves around front and get her to come back fairly easily.

Crisis avoided.

But with the way Cinder disapears in the darkness it had me worried about what if she got out and ran in front of a car. Not that there are alot of cars up here...but if she went a ways it could happen. (Plus she was really enjoying jumping out at me to see if she could scare me or not. What a fun game.  NOT.)

So - the lighted dog collar to the rescue.

On amazon I found our solution. Both dogs now have a night time collar for whenever we take them out.
We have neighbors on one side of us. I saw them watching out the window the first few nights we used these. I'm sure they thought it was an alien invasion. But no - as the flash reveals, its just Cinder. And the fun part is the collar stays solid or has flashing patterns.

I love these collars. So if you are in need of something like this I highly recommend them. And it comes in different colors.

An no - this is not sponsored by the maker or anything. I'm just a happy customer. Just sharing a product that makes my life as a pet owner a little easier.


  1. Very cool. I should get on of those for when we are out at the in-laws. They live in the boondocks and we usually let Daisy run free. It would be good to be able to see which we she has run!