Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hither and Thither

I wasn't around much on the internet for the month of December.  See, I had decided to make four quilts for my nieces and nephews for Christmas.

Now I started this at the beginning of the year so its not as impressive as it really sounds. Before we moved I had completed three of the tops and two of the backs. So I really only needed to do one top (which I had pre-cut before moving) and two backs. Then I needed to sandwich all four and quilt them and then bind them.

Still alot of work for one month.

And it took me until 4 pm on the 23rd to get them all done.

Two actually haven't been delivered yet as I don't trust the mail. But I don't think any of the family reads my blog anyways so I feel safe sharing them.

But only one at a time.

So today is Hither and Thither.

The thing about all 4 quilts is that I was trying to use up as many of my scraps as possible before we moved. Material is heavy.  This is yet another Tumbler quilt cut with my Go! Cutter. It is such a fast quilt to put together.

Quilting is just following the vertical zig zag lines.

The only thing I had to purchas for this quilt (acutally for all the quilts) was the batting. My friend Rena did the labels for me on her embrodiering machine.  Even the bindings are left over tails sewn together from other bindings.


  1. You make such beautiful quilts :)

  2. Can I be a family member you make a quilt for? Someday? TDW

  3. Darlene- I promise you are on the list. But the list is long. And people keep having babies and stuff which jumps the list. I do believe I will be working on that list the rest of my life. :)