Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy Season

I promise I'm still alive and kicking. And there are no major disasters happening. This is just a busy season for all of us so I'm not on the computer as much. And that can only be a good thing -- right?

Right now is Girl Scout Cookie time so we are knocking out booth sales all this month. Mouse is doing surprising well with it all. She doesn't want to ask people if they want to buy cookies, but she wants to hand them the cookies, collect money and give back change. I'll take it.

We bought a new van. We were starting to have to put money in the Chrysler every couple of months. We were literally on the way to the mechanic and pulled into the dealership because of a flyer we received. They still had some 2010 vans they were very serious about unloading. So even though we weren't really in the market for a car....we drove out in a new vehicle with the same car payment...and an upgrade. We did trade from Chrysler to Dodge but with significant extras with the Dodge...and the passenger windows roll down in the back. And Mouse is loving the dvd player. (If Santa only knew this was coming he could have skipped the personal dvd player at Christmas.)

Songbird is in concert season and state testing in school. Can you say fun...

Hubs is always flying out to somewhere it seems. It is short trips though so that is really not a complaint.

Sleep has become an evasive thing. Seems like if anything wakes me in the least bit from 3 am on...I cannot get back to sleep. And I'm the queen of sleep so this is NOT good. I feel grumpy and tired almost every day. I don't like it. And sleeping aides? Not. Mouse still wakes up with massive nose bleeds, is in a screaming nightmare phase and just generally wakes up at night...and once the hubs is asleep he doesn't wake up no sleep aides for me.

All our things seem to be breaking at once. Replaced the washer and dryer. New Van. This computer is ready to be retired (with lots of flames and smoke...or maybe a pick-ax). Some big dollar thing keeps coming up and ruining my run on trying to get all the bills paid off. But, having said that, we aren't adding to the bills yet either...we are just not being able to funnel all those funds and pay things off. I shouldn't complain.

See? Lots of boring and busy stuff that just isn't worth blogging about.

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  1. Glad to hear that all is well. A new vehicle is a good thing, especially if it didn't require a bigger payment, comes with upgrades, and doesn't need repairs! Good luck with the sleep. Definitely an important part of life - My momma always prays herself back to sleep when she is awakened. Figures when she prays for whoever needed prayed for most, God will help her get back to sleep. Some nights she prays for a lot of people.... but it is better then just tossing and turning.